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How is the Processes of surrogacy: Simple or Complicated?

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In the journey of Surrogacy; intending parents will have various questions and doubts. Parents are likely to put their hours researching on the internet. However, it is necessary to gather information to ease down the procedure and prepared with a mindset.

Here are certain things that one must need to know today.

1.      Types of surrogacy

When being told about surrogacy, many couples only think of traditional surrogacy- wherein surrogate attains pregnancy either through traditional way or through artificial insemination but attaining conceiving with her own egg.

Gestational surrogacy is the latest researched method. In this process, the surrogate will carry a child being conceived with the intended mother or donor egg and sperm of intended father or donor’s sperm. In a professional way this type of surrogates are also known as the gestational carrier but have no genetic connection to the child.

2.      Why approach best surrogacy hospital in Mumbai?

Experience of the medical professionals will benefit a lot when it comes to finding legal age completed surrogate. State of the art infrastructure and other benefits under one roof like medical testing, compatibility or completing the legalities are easily taken care. There are few tests required before commencing the procedures; thefertility  doctors will prescribe the same. These hospitals will also take care of the injections for the precautions of infections are done of time.

Medical history of intending parents and surrogate is equally important; doctors will carefully listen to medical problems and counsel you with the right measures. Surrogate mother should follow a healthy and balanced diet, effectively suggested by doctors. A huge databank of legally completed age surrogates will be provided to intending parents; according to the preferences one can shortlist it.

Unlike the intending parent; even a surrogate will have a couple of doubts or may be going through a mixed bag of emotions. Perfect counseling and necessary actions will be taken into consideration in your IVF-Surrogacy journey.

3.      What to know about the procedures of Surrogacy?

When confronted with the term of surrogacy there are generally two procedures one is traditional and other is gestational.

Traditional Surrogacy: - In this type of surrogacy, in the body of carrier woman the father’s sperm is artificially inseminated. Till the full term, the baby is carried and delivered to intended parents to rise. In this type, a surrogate will use her own egg for fertilization process with the sperm, therefore, she will be baby’s biological mother. In this process of surrogacy, even the donor’s sperm can be used.

Gestational Surrogacy:- The invention of this method to an extent have reduced down complexities. Through the technique called IVF treatment now it is possible to collect eggs from the intending mother, fertilize the same with intending father’s sperm. The placement of embryo is done in the uterus of the gestational surrogate.

Gestational Surrogate then carries the baby until the full term and delivery. One of the phenomenal things of this surrogacy is that she doesn’t have any kind of genetic ties with the baby. This type of surrogacy has become a popular process as compared to traditional surrogacy. As the biological connections are of parents there are even lesser chances of complexities.

4.      When to take help of surrogate?

If an intending mother is detected with the problems of uterus then approaching a surrogate is perfect to enjoy the bliss of parenthood.

In case of the medical history of hysterectomy or if the uterus is removed then approach a surrogate.
If the intending mother is contracted with any kind of heart diseases which can complicate the pregnancy term then approach a surrogate.

In case if there is the previous history of cancer it becomes must thing to approach a surrogate.
If there are multiple episodes of failed pregnancy and miscarriages then it becomes a viable thing to approach surrogate.

5.      Birth and legal parents

Though the intending parents have taken the help of surrogacy; the baby remains of the intending parents. During the time of delivery; the fertility doctors will call intending parents to the hospital and then complete all the legal documentation pertaining to the baby.

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