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Best Herbal Methods To Stop Pimples & Acne

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 How many times have you already cancelled your plans due that red zit? Do pimple symptoms are ruining your good moments, despite your zillion attempts? Pimple and acne are every woman’s sworn enemy, and it some cases, it gets worse, if not treated properly or early. For chronic symptoms, it is always better to make a trip to your dermatologist but to hinder them at an early stage, it is better to treat it with an all-natural treatment regimen. So, we have brought you a quick compilation of natural products that prevent and reduce pimple symptoms without any side effects. 


But to cut it off from the root, you also need to know the causes of pimples and acne; here is a list to know the factors: 


  • Excess oil production
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Diet – including fast food, oil consumption, etc.
  • Stress 
  • Genetics


Cinnamon Face Gel

Cinnamons are known for their healing properties. But, do you know that cinnamon also has amazing hydrating properties? 


Use this cinnamon face that not only hydrates your skin but also helps to get rid of acne and pimples. With every usage, this gel assures to have an effective grip over the appearance of pimples, intensity of dark spots and hyper skin discolourations. 


One of the best alternatives of just pimple creams out there in the market, as it works deep inside and destroys the root cause. 


Neem Face Pack

The goodness of neem is not unknown to anyone. Neem is a great element from Mother Earth that has antibacterial and antifungal properties, perfect to treat pimples and zits. 


Try this neem face pack as it doesn’t only consist neem but multanimitti as well, which soothes the skin and cleanses it gently. The intelligent formulation also reduces excess sebum production, which is another cause of acne and dullness. 


Ayurvedic Anti-Tan Face Pack

This is nourishing face pack, which not only treats tanning, acne and other skin problems but also brightens your face. It consists of milk powder, fenugreek, and rose petals, to moisturise your skin, nourishing it while leaving a pinkish glow behind on your skin. 


Face Wash For Pimples & Acne

The face wash is an essential inclusion of beauty care. But choose this one, which not only revitalises your dermal layer from within but also treats your pimple and acne problems. The face wash consists of the goodness of chickpea powder and aromatic rosemary. Don’t forget to apply a sandalwood skin cream afterwards to get optimum results.


Aromatic Sandalwood Skin Cream

Sandalwood is known for its cooling and healing properties and its aromatic advantage is something that cannot be ignored. If you are experiencing stubborn pimples on your face, don’t hesitate to try this miraculous formulation from Tjori. 


This skin cream spreads a defence layer on the dermal area and cools it down, hindering any reason for pimple growth. 

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