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3 Unique Medicinal Cannabis Edibles at Your Local Dispensary

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Planning to head to your local medicinal cannabis dispensary? You may be surprised to see the huge variety of interesting and delicious edibles on the menu. Here are three unique edibles that will tantalize your taste buds as you enjoy the healing properties of nature’s medicine.
1. PTS Raspberry Lemonade Tonic
Have you tried a medicinal cannabis tonic? It’s an interesting and delicious experience. Progressive Treatment Solutions is a medicinal cannabis company based in Illinois. PTS is a majority women-owned business with a wide-ranging product line that can be found at many Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries. The Raspberry Lemonade Tonic is a drinkable way to enjoy medicinal cannabis. PTS Raspberry Lemonade Tonic is infused with a hybrid strain that enhances mental focus.
2. Nature’s Grace and Wellness Takai Beef Ramen
Nature’s Grace and Wellness, based in west-central Illinois, is one of the state’s most-trusted medicinal cannabis producers. Nature’s Grace’s product line contains a wide variety of edibles, and the Takai Beef Ramen is just one offering that sets the product line apart from the rest, giving users a savory way to enjoy medicinal cannabis. This edible contains 50 milligrams of soothing THC. The best part – this edible is basically a full meal!
3. Revolution Lucky Lime Surp
As the largest medicinal cannabis producer in the state of Illinois, it's no secret that Revolution Global is a major player in the Illinois cannabis industry. The company is split into several brands that cover varied segments of the cannabis industry. Surp, or syrup, is meant to be a drink mixer, but it can also be enjoyed straight from the bottle. Lucky Lime Surp features 100 milligrams of THC in a soothing indica strain, further enhanced with low levels of CBD. 
Enjoy the benefits of medicinal cannabis by trying these tasty edibles. Check out these great products, and many other delicious options, at your nearest dispensary.

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