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When You Should Get Dental Implants

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Brushing and flossing twice a day helps keep your teeth white and clean. Not taking care of your teeth causes cavities to develop and destroys enamel, which never grows back. Dental implants are a permanent base to replace your set of teeth and are ideal if you have chronic dental problems. Wearing implants also preserves the jawbone, which can atrophy due to tooth loss. If you suffer from tooth damage, you should consider getting dental implants.
Being in Good Health
A periodontist will inspect your mouth to check for gum issues or missing teeth. Placement surgery is a delicate procedure and differs with every patient. Publications like the Journal of Clinical Dentistry explain these special procedures in detail. Implant placement requires a healthy jawbone that provides solid support for titanium posts, which are sealed with an artificial crown and stimulate a natural tooth. With regular visits to the dentist and a commitment to good hygiene habits, you should be healthy enough to undergo an operation. The rate of placement success is lower for smokers.
Planning for Surgery

You'll meet with many specialists who will help prepare you through the evaluation. You must first take a dental exam and have X-ray pictures taken of your jawbone and teeth. Doctors will ask about your medical history to see if you have any underlying conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, or take any medication that may inhibit your ability to heal from surgery. Your and your dentist will put together a custom treatment plan, which will consider your dental health and how many teeth you need to be replaced.
With dental implants, you'll never have to worry about teeth that slip away. They can help boost your confidence and make you feel younger, allowing you to keep a healthy smile. Dental implants rely on innovative technology and have a high success rate for patients who choose to get it. There are several benefits to consider if you want to restore your teeth.

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