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Dr Kami Hoss Highlights The Importance of Good Dental Hygiene

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To ensure their overall well-being and good health, people must take good care of each and every part of their body, including their mouth, teeth and gums. Dr Kami Hoss underlines that good dental and oral hygiene can significantly aid people to reduce the issues of gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath. It may also help people to ensure that they have strong teeth even as they get older. Dr.Hoss is an orthodontist, entrepreneur, instructor, as well as an author who is majorly located in Chula Vista.

 He mentions that a healthy mouth can go a long way in warding off certain medical disorders, while issues like gum disease may increase the risk of getting serious health problems like stroke, heart attack and preterm labor.

The mouth is often considered to be a window of what is going on which the rest of the body. It tends to serve as a vantage point for detecting the early symptoms and signs of systemic disease, which basically implies to an illness that affects or pertains to the whole body, and not just one of its parts.

Dr Kami Hoss mentions the examples of AIDS and diabetes in this regard, as mouth lesions or other oral problems often tend to be the very first symptoms of these medical conditions. Moreover, certain infections that start in the mouth can eventually lead to worse health issues. For example, gingivitis is quite a common condition that involves inflammation of the gums. It can, however, develop into periodontitis, which is a much more severe infection that can result in tooth loss.

Infections that start at the mouth of a person have additionally been linked to certain diseases and health complications, such as:

Premature births
Low birth babies

A prime component of maintaining good oral hygiene would be to make regular visits to the dentist. Not many people go to the dentist unless they have developed a tooth issue. But so should not be the case. One must try to visit a dentist once in every six months. Dentists would be able to detect a lot more issues other than cavities by checking out the mouth of the patients. Here are few of the key problems and conditions that dentists might be able to discover with a thorough examination:

Vitamin deficiencies
Acid reflux
Tooth grinding
Heart problems
Mental health issues
Oral cancers

Dr Kami Hoss says that even though genetics tend to play a key role in whether a person gets cavities or not, regular preventive dental care and daily brushing can significantly aid in ensuring the good health of the gums and teeth. Regular brushing helps in removing the plaque that tends to be the key cause of tooth decay, and subsequently stimulates the gums to prevent gum disease.

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