Vijaya Boggala Talks About The Diverse Types Of Primary Care Doctors

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Primary care physicians play a vital role in the well being of all people. While there are numerous types of distinguished specializations for physicians, primary care tends to account for a fraction of these specialties. As per Vijaya Boggala primary care doctors are the very professional whom one tends to rely on to help them manage their health all their life. These physicians can provide much-needed assistance in preventive care like routine physicals, screenings and immunizations, as well as diagnose and manage many common chronic conditions. Whenever the day of a person is disrupted due to the symptom of any illness, it is a primary care doctor to whom they make their first call.

Primary care physicians are unique in a manner that they are trained experts in treating a broad range of health condition. Vijaya Boggala himself is an internal medicine physician practicing in North Carolina. He additionally has specialized expertise in geriatrics. He mentions that there are multiple types of primary care doctors, including internists, practicing today. While each of these professionals has a distinguished background and focus, all of them can provide people with the regular preventive healthcare needed by people.

In the following points, Vijaya Boggala provides a quick breakdown of multiple types of primary care doctors:

Family medicine doctors: These physicians can provide care for the while families, right from babies, children, young adults to grandparents. No matter who in a family gets sick, one can depend on family doctors to provide highly personalized car.  A family medical doctor can provide people with a peace of mind that they have a trusted source for the healthcare concerns for each and every member of their family. Such physicians can especially be a good choice for busy parents who want to take care of multiple family medical appointments on a single day.

Internal medicine doctors: Also referred to internists, such physicians care for people from their early adulthood through old age. As these physicians only adult patients, they tend to be well versed in issues that primarily affect adults, like type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Vijaya Boggala says that these professionals are trained to treat both simple and complex conditions, and can expertly balance the regular preventive care needs and specialized care requirements of their patients.

OB-GYNs: These doctors are basically experts in women healthcare. OB-GYN (obstetrics and gynecology) doctors provide routine health services and screenings to women. These physicians can help in family planning, as well as aid women to select the best option from available birth control options. They also provide care to patients during milestones like pregnancy and menopause.

Internal medicine-pediatrics doctors: Having specialties of two types of doctors in one, these professionals tend to be board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics. They provide care to both kids and adults, and can aid in the prevention, and treatment of diseases.

The list provided above by Vijaya Boggala can help people to choose the perfect primary care doctor as per their need.

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