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What You Need to Know About Glaucoma

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Being able to see is one of those senses that people can take for granted. It's hard to fathom that one day you just may not be able to comprehend what is right before you. Conditions such as glaucoma begin with people at various stages, and they impact how well eye sight functions, eventually leading to blindness if not treated properly. Here are three things to know about the debilitating illness.
What Are the Signs?
Be aware of even the slightest changes in your vision. Because, what may not seem like a big deal might just be an indicator of trouble. While some symptoms are quite pronounced, early indicators are minor. The following could be reasons to speak with a health care provider. 
·         Red eyes
·         Periphery loss
·         Patchy blindness
·         Circles around lights
·         Stomach discomfort
·         Intense headaches
·         Blurry vision
What Causes It?
Your optic nerve is vital to sight. When it becomes damaged, this eye condition begins. Although not completely sure why this happens, doctors believe it results from intense pressure pushing on the nerve. This is a result of too much fluid building up, unable to properly drain. For now, it's often linked to genetics. If you have a family member who is receiving current treatment, you may want to see a physician for monitoring.
What Treatments are Available?
Often found in people over 60, the deterioration could begin much earlier. If diagnosed early, eye drops are prescribed to slow down the progression. In addition, oral medications and surgery are options for more serious conditions. For those suffering from pain or needing holistic relief of pressure, states such as Florida allow for other prescriptions. Simply research medical marijuana St Augustine FL to understand how studies reveal that the drug may alleviate the stress on the ocular nerve.
Don't put off your eye appointments. Regular visits could help.

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