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Taking Care of Elderly People During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The virus that cause covid-19 is the new strain of coronavirus. There is only limited information available on the risk factors related to this disease. From the clinical evidences it is considered that older people and others who have chronic medical conditions are at high risk for this covid-19 pandemic.

There is a highest number of deaths among old people. If you have elder people at home, ask them to follow the respiratory hygiene habits to reduce the possibility of getting sick with covid-19.

Use of face mask in public. FDA approved masks like N95 respiratory masks provide close fit to your face and filters airborne particles very efficiently. Though they cannot completely eliminate the risk of catching this disease, they can block at least 95 percent of aerosols.

Avoid going outside unnecessarily. Stay home as far as possible. Avoid people visiting your home.
Cancel appointments with doctor, if any. Avoid visiting hospitals during pandemic. Keep in touch with healthcare providers, friends, and family members using the latest technologies.

Have the habit of washing your hands with disinfectants for at least 20 seconds and especially after touching any surface or objects that are used by more people.

Keep away from sick people.

Ensure there is good ventilation in rooms.

Maintain physical distance from the elderly people, if you have any symptoms of coronavirus. Self-quarantine yourself, call your health provider and follow their guidance.

Risk of Infection

If you are an elderly person, factors like your age, your underlying medical conditions like, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease or any other immunodeficient condition can increase the risk of being affected.

If you have contacted a person, who is diagnosed positive for covid-19, check with your doctor whether you need a screening test.

Don’t forget to take care of your pre-existing illness and keep them in check. Keep stock of medicines for at least two months.

Usually, elder people don’t get the classic symptoms as is seen for younger people. Hence, if you find any new symptoms, contact your doctor immediately through tele-consult before getting worse.

Get your routine check-ups done as per schedule. If you need to go outside for this, don’t forget to follow the health etiquettes.

Manage Stress

The outbreak of new disease and the related fear and anxiety about the unknown risks may be overwhelming and cause stress. You may worry about your health, there may be sleep disorders, your existing illness might become worse, you may use substance like alcohol to relieve from stress.

If you are experiencing any kind of these, try to cope with stress that will benefit your health. Do some meditation and stretching. Avoid spending too much time on updates on covid-19. Follow a healthy diet plan and avoid using any substance or alcohol. Involve in activities that you enjoy. Connect with people who have concern for you.

Take care of your Elderly People

Social distancing, lock downs and isolation during this crisis might have potential negative effects on old aged people during this covid-19 pandemic. Keep them active and engaged.

Call them frequently if you are not locally available to them. Have video call sessions with them every now and then. Give them assurance that you are there for them and make them feel safe.

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