Why is a Mini Lift Preferable?

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Everyone wants to look, and stay beautiful all their life. Unfortunately, beauty and age does not stay the same. There are some who are blessed to look young all their life, but the marks of time soon finds its way to some. The skin starts to hang loose, crow’s feet starts making appearances around the eyes, and wrinkles begin to develop in the neck area. However, getting all these signs of aging rubbed away is not a big deal nowadays, all thanks to the advancement in medical science. A full facelift surgery might produce great results, but affording that might not be possible for everyone. That is why, there is mini lift surgery.  

A mini facelift is a bridge between non-invasive procedures and full facelift procedures. A mini lift addresses the signs of age, minus the discomfort and hassles related with a traditional full facelift. Not only that, there are other benefits of considering a mini lift procedure. Following are the benefits of considering a mini lift process:

No requirement for general anesthesia- Any procedure that takes place under the effect of general anesthesia, is a long process. Plus, not too many are comfortable about the idea of being completely senseless when they are undergoing a surgery. The changes that would be taking place might be very small, but fear and doubt still lurks in one’s mind. It also takes a long time to recover from a general anesthesia, and that’s why many prefer mini lift. This procedure can take place as an in-office procedure under local anesthesia. One can go back to their normal life pretty much after the surgery. There is no side effects of this procedure, and hence many favor this method over a full facelift.

The recovery time is quick- A mini lift is a less invasive technique. This face lift procedure works on a smaller area of the face. A mini lift procedure targets the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), that is the layer of tissue that is just beneath the skin. This skin spans from the collarbone to the forehead. A mini lift process does not go too deep below the SMAS. Plus, it lifts the deeper structures of the face, but in a natural way. As the process is done under local anesthesia, the recovery time is much quicker. The result achieved is natural, and there is no bruising, swelling or tenderness.

More natural looking results- Even if the process is termed as ‘less invasive’ the result is nothing less extraordinary than a full facelift. The signs of aging can be nicely done away with a mini lift. Experts are of the opinion that mild to moderate facial aging can be treated aptly with a mini lift. The best results that one can get out of a mini lift is issues with the lower face, neck and midface being taken care of. Plus, the jawline is diminished and more defined, and wrinkles on the lower third of the face are dealt with completely.

Less amount of scarring- If you are concerned about getting scars, then you can forget when you are opting for a mini lift. Since there is no serious surgery going on in this process, there is no visible scarring. The process involves smaller incisions which result in less facial scarring.

All these benefits of mini lift makes it a worth considering procedure for facial rejuvenation. It does not involve any risk, but the results are worth the investment.   

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