Doctor Guidelines to Follow Before Biopsy of Breast

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What will happen in a breast biopsy, and is it painful? This is a question that most women ask themselves when they have been prescribed by their doctors to undergo the procedure. Obviously, they are scared as the results will detect whether these women have breast cancer or not. Moreover, the thought of how the procedure is conducted and whether it is painful or not haunts them for many days before the appointment. Health professionals in the field say that when it comes to a breast biopsy, you do not need to be afraid. The procedure is pain-free and conducted under strict medical supervision.

Prepare for a biopsy of breast with compassionate healthcare experts

The biopsy of breast entails the use of a special needle that removes small parts of breast tissue under the guidance of Ultrasonography or mammography. The tissue that is removed is later tested in the laboratory of the hospital for detecting cancer.

What should you expect?

The biopsy is conducted in a clinic specialized for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. The procedure is 100% safe and pain-free. Often local anesthesia is given to the patient if she is very nervous about the discomfort of the needle being inserted into the tissue. However, this feeling lasts for a few seconds, and later the area goes numb. The needle creates a very minute insertion that heals naturally without needing a surgical stitch.

Duration of the biopsy

The breast biopsy lasts for about 45 minutes; however, the doctor will keep you in the department for approximately two hours before you are discharged. This is to monitor any kind of side effects in case they occur. Some patients have past medical histories of high blood pressure or diabetes, so doctors are very cautious with these patients. This is why, after the biopsy is completed; you are asked to stay back for some time. Generally, the results of the biopsy are available in about 5 to 7 days.

Preparing for your breast biopsy

Doctors instruct patients not to take aspirin 36 hours before the biopsy. Other medicines that are prohibited from being taken 24 hours before the procedure are Advil, Aleve, Naproxen, and Ibuprofen. On the day of the biopsy, you should –

Wear a comfortable two-piece dress like pants and a shirt, jogging suit or blouse or skirt with a well-fitting bra.

You are allowed to eat and drink as well as take medications if instructed by your doctor.

In case you use blood thinners, your doctor will recommend some laboratory tests before the procedure.

The dressing of the biopsy of breast stays in place for about 24 to 48 hours after the procedure is over. The doctor will advise you to keep the steri-strips in place for a day, and they can be replaced if required. An ice pack is applied to the region to alleviate bruising, or any kind of swelling after the biopsy is over. If you want, you may apply an extra ice pack on the area at home as an extra precaution against swelling or inflammation. In case you face any discomfort after reaching home, immediately contact your doctor.

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