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What are the Warning Signs in Dengue Fever?

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Dengue is a viral infection caused by the DENV virus. It is a mosquito-borne disease which can become life-threatening if treatment is postponed for too long.

Altogether 48 deaths and 67,377 affected cases have been recorded across India in the previous year. Dengue fever prevention has, therefore, become a top priority in some of the most affected parts of the country. 

Here are a few early signs of the disease to help provide better healthcare diagnosis before it becomes fatal.

Characteristics of dengue

Dengue affects individuals across all age groups. Dengue fever has 4-10 days of incubation period after which the early-stage symptoms surface within the victim. They last for 2-7 days after which the patient enters a critical state causing massive internal bleeding.

The early dengue symptoms include –

       Pain behind the eyes.
       Nausea and vomiting.
       Swollen glands.
       Muscle joints.
       Rash and headache.

Once the fever starts to recede, the patient should be kept under strict observation for the next 48 hours. During this period, the disease can develop into a fatal complication. Early symptoms include –

       Vomiting blood.
       Bleeding gums.
       Severe skin bleeding.
       Rapid breathing and severe abdominal pain.

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Dengue fever prevention- Treatment procedures

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment listed for dengue. Medication in the form of pain killers and fever reducers are used to ease the pain and keep the fever under control. In severe cases, blood transfusions and oxygen therapy are also required to stabilise the patient.

The expenses associated with dengue fever prevention can spiral out of control very quickly. Therefore by purchasing a water-borne insurance cover insurance policy, you can protect yourself financially against such overbearing medical expenses.

Commonly affected organs

The liver is the most affected organ in dengue patients. Though during severe dengue cases, patients can experience multi-organ failure, the lungs, and liver are found to be the most affected organs within the body, according to doctors.

Dengue fever causes liver enlargement and bleeding, two of the leading health outcomes, as stated by physicians.

News reports state that dengue outbreaks are on a steady rise throughout the country, with states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Bihar witnessing the highest number of cases.

Illness can strike at any time with severe consequences and requiring immediate admission to a hospital. A hospital cash cover insurance plan can financially help you against such unfortunate incidents, by taking care of the costs associated with the treatment.

Early signs of dengue

The virus is transferred on to human hosts by dengue mosquitos and signs begin to manifest within 3-6 days. Physicians suggest you look out for these dengue fever symptoms, especially if there have been dengue cases in your area.

       Severer muscle and joint pains, especially in legs. Victims with acute arthritis and vitamin deficiency can experience pain even after the disease has subsided. ]
       Pain behind eyes, more so when moving them.
       Lower back pain accompanied by severe weakness and fatigue.
       Sudden onset of high fever.
       Reddish face and eyes.

The unavailability of vaccines or any treatments makes dengue prevention quite hard. Patients have to be kept under close observation and treated with painkillers to deal with aching joints.

Paracetamols are also commonly prescribed medicine to keep the fever in check. Dengue fever prevention is a long and arduous process, with treatments often ending up being very expensive. Financially safeguarding yourself to combat this disease without having to worry about impending expenses is vital and requisite insurance coverage can be essential in such circumstances.

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