Improving Meditation with Crystals & Other Useful Tips

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Most of us know that meditation is excellent for relaxing our minds and letting go of all the difficult things that worry us in our lives. Many of us practice meditation, while others are just realising the many benefits it holds. If you’d like to take your meditation to another level, why not enhance your practice with crystals? Here are some tips on how to use them and various other ways to improve your mediation sessions.


You can meditate with a range of different healing stones; it all depends on the purpose of your meditation session. Many people want to know what the bests crystals are for meditation and the answer is quite simple. It is recommended that you invest in either quartz or selenite crystals for mediation. Each of these types of crystals work well when you start to meditate.

But any stone or crystal can be used for meditation, you don’t necessarily have to get a quartz or selenite crystal. A crystal is a tool that is used to improve your meditation, you can programme them in a way that suits you. You can connect with a specific intention or goal and take your meditative state to a much deeper level.

The best way to meditate with stones and crystals is to lay out a grid on or around your body. This keeps them close to your energy, allowing the healing properties of the stones to activate a specific area. By creating a crystal grid, you help your mind reach a new stage, giving it a chance to heal and restore positive energy.


This is important for both programming your crystals and setting the tone for your mediation. Before you begin your session, sit down and ask yourself, “what do I want from my meditation?”. Once you know the answer, you’ll connect better with your body and the crystals. Your aim is to cultivate a positive dialogue with your mind. 

You must establish a relationship with your mind, so when you begin, you can easily focus on your goal and not get distracted by thoughts. Thoughts will continually enter your mind, but you mustn’t give them your attention. It is important to become an observer of these thoughts and allow the stones to enhance your meditative state.


This is the key to good meditation practice with crystals. Although we lead busy lives, we still have to set aside a specific time and place to meditate each day. A routine makes it easier to commit to the practice. Finding a quiet area outside, close to nature is always a more effective environment. But this can be difficult for most people. The best time to meditate is early in the morning.

You can easily take your meditation to the next level by following the points mentioned in this article. If you plan on using crystals to reach a deeper state, you must find the right environment and programme your stones so that you connect with them at an advanced level. Even a beginner can invoke deeper states of meditation with crystals.

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