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How to pray for healing?

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Bible reveals the importance of praying to receive healing from God. Praying for healing can bless everyone with health and strength. It will help people to overcome every pain they go through. 

Whenever people are sick and depressed, our only duty is to pray and get the comfort of God for our body, mind, and spirit. In this article, you can learn more about prayer for healing and many examples of healing prayers.

Prayer for healing friends

Dear God, we know that your word is a promise. With your power of miracles, you can heal us and restore what once was healthy and beautiful. I need those promises over my friend today. The faith and healing power of the prayer must shower on my friend and surround him with peace and strength and love. Protect him/her from everything that is evil and give us the old him/her.

Prayer for healing sick family

God and Lord of Heavens, thank you so much for your love for us. I also know that you made me come here to ask for the healing of the family member. Please have compassion for my family members and heal the sickness.

I know that when I call out to you, you will give the order to heal and rescue us from any health issue. There is no illness that you cannot heal. As the bible tells, raising people from the dead so I ask for your healing.

Prayer for Depression 

God, it seems as if my universe has fallen and thrown me into a grim, deep pit. I come to you in absolute surrender. I am scared, powerless and afraid for you. Lift me out of this pit please, and show me the way, Lord. In the Name of Christ, Amen!

Divine God, you are the only health and healing power. There is harmony in you, and only real peace in the world. Grant each of us the knowledge of your presence to your children, and give us full trust in you. In all pain and weariness and anxiety teach us to give in to your unfailing treatment, believing that your love and strength surround us, trusting in your wisdom.

A prayer for healing the hurt

A Prayer towards Healing the Hurt Father, help me get my attention on you instead. I know I need to stop focusing on my worries and hurts. Help me in prayer to be faithful, and put my trust in you. May the Holy Spirit direct and console me, and help me in the name of Jesus, Amen. 
Prayer to heal disease

Lord, your scripture says you are healing all diseases and whoever believes in you does not perish but will have everlasting life. Through this time of sickness help me, Lord. Sustain him as he is sick and lies in the bed. You did all things right while you were on Earth and cured all kinds of sickness. You have also cured all those who had illnesses as well. I am going to see the miracles of the prayer for healing
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What are the Warning Signs in Dengue Fever?

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Dengue is a viral infection caused by the DENV virus. It is a mosquito-borne disease which can become life-threatening if treatment is postponed for too long.

Altogether 48 deaths and 67,377 affected cases have been recorded across India in the previous year. Dengue fever prevention has, therefore, become a top priority in some of the most affected parts of the country. 

Here are a few early signs of the disease to help provide better healthcare diagnosis before it becomes fatal.

Characteristics of dengue

Dengue affects individuals across all age groups. Dengue fever has 4-10 days of incubation period after which the early-stage symptoms surface within the victim. They last for 2-7 days after which the patient enters a critical state causing massive internal bleeding.

The early dengue symptoms include –

       Pain behind the eyes.
       Nausea and vomiting.
       Swollen glands.
       Muscle joints.
       Rash and headache.

Once the fever starts to recede, the patient should be kept under strict observation for the next 48 hours. During this period, the disease can develop into a fatal complication. Early symptoms include –

       Vomiting blood.
       Bleeding gums.
       Severe skin bleeding.
       Rapid breathing and severe abdominal pain.

If diagnosed with any of the above symptoms you can opt for alternative ways to pay for your treatment instead of burning through you savings. Financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv offer Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like the Dengue Insurance Cover policy that financially protects you against such a crisis.

Dengue fever prevention- Treatment procedures

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment listed for dengue. Medication in the form of pain killers and fever reducers are used to ease the pain and keep the fever under control. In severe cases, blood transfusions and oxygen therapy are also required to stabilise the patient.

The expenses associated with dengue fever prevention can spiral out of control very quickly. Therefore by purchasing a water-borne insurance cover insurance policy, you can protect yourself financially against such overbearing medical expenses.

Commonly affected organs

The liver is the most affected organ in dengue patients. Though during severe dengue cases, patients can experience multi-organ failure, the lungs, and liver are found to be the most affected organs within the body, according to doctors.

Dengue fever causes liver enlargement and bleeding, two of the leading health outcomes, as stated by physicians.

News reports state that dengue outbreaks are on a steady rise throughout the country, with states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Bihar witnessing the highest number of cases.

Illness can strike at any time with severe consequences and requiring immediate admission to a hospital. A hospital cash cover insurance plan can financially help you against such unfortunate incidents, by taking care of the costs associated with the treatment.

Early signs of dengue

The virus is transferred on to human hosts by dengue mosquitos and signs begin to manifest within 3-6 days. Physicians suggest you look out for these dengue fever symptoms, especially if there have been dengue cases in your area.

       Severer muscle and joint pains, especially in legs. Victims with acute arthritis and vitamin deficiency can experience pain even after the disease has subsided. ]
       Pain behind eyes, more so when moving them.
       Lower back pain accompanied by severe weakness and fatigue.
       Sudden onset of high fever.
       Reddish face and eyes.

The unavailability of vaccines or any treatments makes dengue prevention quite hard. Patients have to be kept under close observation and treated with painkillers to deal with aching joints.

Paracetamols are also commonly prescribed medicine to keep the fever in check. Dengue fever prevention is a long and arduous process, with treatments often ending up being very expensive. Financially safeguarding yourself to combat this disease without having to worry about impending expenses is vital and requisite insurance coverage can be essential in such circumstances.


How to Get Fit and Right in the Comfort of Your Home

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Not most are a lover of getting to the gym. Some prefer understanding at the comforts and privacy of their homes. If you rather do your workout routines reception, then you ought to skills to filter facts from myths about home gym equipment.

Since there many untrained and casual fitness buffs, there also are countless myths and false facts about home fitness equipment. If you would like to possess a fitness room or space in your home, you ought to not believe these home fitness myths:

Home fitness equipment pieces are expensive – There are certain equipment which will cost you an arm and leg, but there also are others which will fit your budget. The expensive ones are likely to get on the highest bracket of the market, these are the foremost advanced, sophisticated, and heavily advertised products. Now, if you're not planning on becoming knowledgeable fitness buff, there's no reason for you to shop for these ridiculously expensive products. You’ll always for cheaper yet equally effective equipment within the market. You’ll also get home gym equipment from online stores that sell them at a way cheaper price.

You are more likely to skip exercise once you roll in the hay reception – Some people may say that you simply will find more excuse to not do your exercise routines when your gym is reception. This will be true for people who lack the commitment and dedication. The reality is, unmotivated people will always find an excuse to not sweat regardless whether or not they do their exercise during a home gym or regular gym. In fact, for some, having gym equipment reception is best is that they don't need to drive to a daily gym. Confine mind that understanding plus eating organic food items like Amazonia raw protein will do wonders for your body.

Fitness equipment takes such a lot space – Certain equipment will really take up some space at your home, but this could not be a problem if you create room for it. In fact you ought to not buy equipment pieces that are too big for your home; instead, choose equipment that are space-savers. There are many home fitness equipment call at the market that particularly target individuals with limited space reception. You’d want to travel for these sorts of fitness equipment.

Home gym is merely for gym buffs – Some may argue that the necessity for home fitness equipment is exclusively for people that want to bulk some muscles. Some may even argue that they don’t need a home gym as their exercise of choice is running or cycling. These are common myths that ought to be shot down from the get-go. Home gyms aren't just for people that are into bodybuilding; it's also for people that just want to remain in shape or to lose some pounds. Home gyms can also be useful for runners or cyclists as they will use the equipment in instances they can't run or bike.

Working out reception is boring – It should be boring if you actually dread understanding. Any physical activity are often boring if you're not a lover of exercising. If you would like to figure out at the comforts and privacy of your home, home gym is practically the simplest for you. You furthermore may don’t got to worry about the schedule at your local gym as you'll always do your exercise routines reception if you've got fitness equipment in your room or garage.

Of course, understanding isn't a solution towards a wonderfully healthiness. You want to likewise invest within the food and drinks you consume. With this, it's important to think about changing your diet. You’ll want to eat more healthy food like Amazonia raw protein. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to regulate what you set inside your body; avoid fatty and high caloric food.

Improving Meditation with Crystals & Other Useful Tips

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Most of us know that meditation is excellent for relaxing our minds and letting go of all the difficult things that worry us in our lives. Many of us practice meditation, while others are just realising the many benefits it holds. If you’d like to take your meditation to another level, why not enhance your practice with crystals? Here are some tips on how to use them and various other ways to improve your mediation sessions.


You can meditate with a range of different healing stones; it all depends on the purpose of your meditation session. Many people want to know what the bests crystals are for meditation and the answer is quite simple. It is recommended that you invest in either quartz or selenite crystals for mediation. Each of these types of crystals work well when you start to meditate.

But any stone or crystal can be used for meditation, you don’t necessarily have to get a quartz or selenite crystal. A crystal is a tool that is used to improve your meditation, you can programme them in a way that suits you. You can connect with a specific intention or goal and take your meditative state to a much deeper level.

The best way to meditate with stones and crystals is to lay out a grid on or around your body. This keeps them close to your energy, allowing the healing properties of the stones to activate a specific area. By creating a crystal grid, you help your mind reach a new stage, giving it a chance to heal and restore positive energy.


This is important for both programming your crystals and setting the tone for your mediation. Before you begin your session, sit down and ask yourself, “what do I want from my meditation?”. Once you know the answer, you’ll connect better with your body and the crystals. Your aim is to cultivate a positive dialogue with your mind. 

You must establish a relationship with your mind, so when you begin, you can easily focus on your goal and not get distracted by thoughts. Thoughts will continually enter your mind, but you mustn’t give them your attention. It is important to become an observer of these thoughts and allow the stones to enhance your meditative state.


This is the key to good meditation practice with crystals. Although we lead busy lives, we still have to set aside a specific time and place to meditate each day. A routine makes it easier to commit to the practice. Finding a quiet area outside, close to nature is always a more effective environment. But this can be difficult for most people. The best time to meditate is early in the morning.

You can easily take your meditation to the next level by following the points mentioned in this article. If you plan on using crystals to reach a deeper state, you must find the right environment and programme your stones so that you connect with them at an advanced level. Even a beginner can invoke deeper states of meditation with crystals.
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Business World and Wool Scarves for Women

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Being a businesswoman can be tough. Well, everyone faces luggage and cloth problems. You can be stuck somewhere without your bag or even your bag can be stuck at the terminal scanners in the airports. Well, people don’t see and consider these things. All they care about is the fact that how you look. They won’t consider whether you are stuck or even if you are in a problem. All men care about is one thing, how a woman looks. Well, they will first judge you on how you are looking at your job. And well, the scarf is one of the most important cloth pieces. So, here are some tips on wool scarves which will make you look elegant and good at your business.

More about Scarves

One way to look more elegant on your job is to wear designer and good-looking scarves. Well, these small cloth pieces can be mended into many outfits, making you look even better in the daylight. So, here are some tips on how your scarf should be to make you look confident and elegant. Well, these are the first things that you should check while buying a scarf and everything comes after that.


It should be light in weight so that you won’t feel any burden from your scarf. Well, being light in weight will make you wear it in any season and at any instant of time. Well, whether it is the day in winter, or even a day in summer, wearing this scarf should not make you feel bad.

Easy to Pack

This is also one of the most important things to consider while buying a scarf. There are many women scarves in the market. Which, although best looking, but are not easy to pack. They might not be suitable to be taken on travel and will become a mess once packed by folding. Well, make sure that such a type of scarf is not on your list. So, if you consider this point well while buying your scarf, you can buy as many scarves as you want. So, instead of taking the best and only one on your trip, you can take many of such scarves with you. So, why depend on one when you can wear a different one per hour. This will also help you in the case due to some problems and some bad conditions; your cloth piece gets wasted.

Requires a Minimum Care

This is also a point to be considered while buying the scarf. Well, if your cloth piece would need a lot of care, you will not be able to focus on your work and this eventually will create a bad effect on your reputation, and this is the last thing you will want on your business trip or even on any day.

Final Verdict

So, here was everything you need to know before buying a scarf for yourself. Well, being a working woman is tough, and so, you need to be very much careful about every little detail.


How a Psychologist Can Help Your Child

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Did you know that occupational therapy can be one of the best financial investments that you can produce your kid's future and well-being? Contrary to popular belief, treatment is not only for distressed grownups and older adults. Kids benefit from this type of medical intervention, too; it is often the secret to their future success and independence.

Professionals that handle occupational therapy for children fill numerous roles in their young patients' lives. They are the children's supporters, friends, coaches, and help.

In this article, we’ll explore the various aspects wherein the services of a child psychologist can prove valuable to children with developmental challenges. Only then can you appreciate the value that these medical professionals have to offer.

Developmental Play

A variety of stimulating toys can be found in the office or workbag of a child psychologist in Sydney These toys define the ages and capabilities of each client. For example, a child may handle tossing and record a ball throughout one session with his therapist while another might play with a visual gel puzzle. The ball workout is most likely to enhance gross motor abilities while a gel puzzle is used to handle visual processing and hand-eye coordination.

Toys hold a unique location in this sort of treatment since they allow patients to handle improving abilities without mindful knowledge of doing so. The specialist provides a toy during each session under the pretext of playing with the child. The kid then gets a possibility to deal with the exercise naturally and without reservation, which in turn offers the therapist the opportunity to precisely examine any advancement made.

Social Development

Kids with developmental hold-ups frequently need ideas relating to social capabilities. It is a therapist's job to tweak or examine these skills through exercises similar to those utilized for real improvement. Social lessons generally are based upon interactions with pals and family members, so they happen either at home or school.

Sessions suggested to boost a kid's social ability may require a principle as comfy as a specific discussion, or something more complicated, such as strengthening proper behavior in the kid's class. Similar to play sessions, work focusing on social skills is incorporated naturally into the child's life so that the client can act and react as regular as possible to the strategies being taught.

Life skills

Kids who are physically or otherwise handicapped have to find self-reliance and self-care in unique approaches. In this area, their expert treatment sessions are based in the house or a simulated environment. Self-care exercises may include the intro of essential health such as brushing teeth and utilizing antiperspirant and daily basics such as feeding and dressing oneself.

To ensure the kid's optimum independence, a therapist must initially take a look at precisely what the customer can and can avoid doing on his own. After evaluating the child's abilities, Occupational therapy for children seeks to uncover ways that children can accomplish these tasks on their own. In doing so, children with developmental problems can become self-reliant and maintain a higher quality of life.