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Thinking about Getting Braces? Here’s A Guide to Dental Braces

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Braces are one of the most common dental procedures in the world. If you have ever had the thought of getting braces or are about to get braces for the first time, it is common to have a few questions. You may be wondering how long it will take to put them on if they will hurt or cause any discomfort, and what changes should you expect from braces. This article helps you answer all of these curiosities in one go.

How Long it Takes to put on Braces? Does it Hurt?
Getting braces is a delicate process that needs accuracy and precision as the orthodontist carefully places the brackets and wires in place. On average, it takes somewhere 1-2 hours to put on braces. If the situation is a little complex, braces are often also done in two to three appointments as well.

As far as pain is concerned, putting on braces is an absolutely painless procedure. It may feel that the wires and brackets are putting some pressure on your teeth, but that is okay as the pressure slowly lessens as the teeth move into their designated place. Additionally, feeling pressure is normal on appointment days when you get the braces tightened.

What Changes to Expect in your Lifestyle?
There are chances that you might feel slight discomfort and a generalized headache for a few days after putting braces on. It takes some time getting used to braces. Once you get used to braces, it becomes an easy part of your life. In case the metal on the braces causes pain to other parts, ask your orthodontist to provide you with a special wax that can be applied to the parts that cause the issue.

For the first few days, your diet will only consist of soft food that is easy to chew. This is generally preferred as it does not pose any damage to the braces and does not get dislodged anywhere. This food generally includes:

       Mashed potatoes and cauliflower
       Soft cooked vegetables
       Fish and scrambled eggs
       Smoothies, frozen yoghurt, and ice cream

You will notice that your teeth have gradually begun to move into place. In this case, it is important to follow a strict oral hygiene routine to prevent any cavities and stains on your teeth while the braces are on. The orthodontist will give you a special routine to follow, which includes brushing and rinsing with water every meal. Make sure you follow it.

As a final change in lifestyle, there are certain food items that you need to avoid in order to prevent any damage that can come to the brace while you are wearing them. This will include any hard food substances, and anything that has a high sugar and acid content.

The general list of food to avoid while wearing dental bracesincludes:
       Any kind of hard nuts
       Hard, chewy, or sticky candy
       Chewing Gum
So here is everything that you must expect when you put on braces for the first time. If you are thinking to get dental braces, or are about to get braces for the first time, hope this article helped in some way or the other.

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