Current Vaping Trend: The Popularity of E-Cigarettes

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Although there are billions of smokers in the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that the number is coming down. On the other hand, vaping is gaining popularity at a very high rate. In 2011, when the habit was being introduced into the world, only a few million people were into it. However, there are over 40 million vapers today according to reliable sources.
This can tell you how fast people are joining the bandwagon and where things will be in the end. To understand how popular vaping is, let us look at some insights that we have gathered after detailed research.

Popularity Among Youths

Among all people who vape, youths are the majority. It is now a trend among the youngsters to buy their first vape starter pack and join their peers in the habit. College students are highly influenced by their friends and celebrities who have been promoting vaping as a cool trend. JUULs and electronic hookah pens are popular among the youths since they are fancy, cheap, and allow them to explore many e-juices. However, e-cigarettes and vape mods are also popular among young people who can afford them.

Popularity Among People Switching from Smoking

Another group that is making vaping a very popular habit includes people who are switching camps from smoking to vaping. Most of them are middle-aged people who are scared of the possible adverse effects of cigarette smoking. To them, vaping is a healthier alternative, although some more research should help them to realize that nicotine-based e-juice is equally as harmful. Health experts are worried that people are jumping from one problem to the other.
On the other hand, there are those who are trying to quit smoking through vaping. If they use it wisely - changing the strength of nicotine from strong to low and then to zero - they might succeed.

The Role of Media and Web in Making Vaping Popular

Although some countries have banned or restricted commercial adverts on vaping, the media and web are still playing a significant role in making this habit very popular. Celebrities are heavily used to promote, advertise, and show the world that vaping is indeed a good thing. From this, youths and many adults are heavily influenced to try it.
Recently, numerous celebrities can be seen vaping, either in movies orin public. Even though they might have been in it for personal preference, the fact that they are public figures with thousands of followers makes a major impact.

Social Media Madness

Have you liked a photo of your friends vaping heavy clouds on Instagram? Well, social media has a huge influence on vaping. Currently, vaping weddings are popular and the main purpose is to rock on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, just to mention a few.
This and the other points that we have discussed show that vaping is now very popular and there is a continuous growth in popularity. However, people are highly advised to understand the pros and cons before they join the bandwagon.

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