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What is a keto diet and how do protein shakes fit into the diet?

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We all wish that we could control how our body looks like and that we could get that slim and flat belly attractive look for women while the men want to look muscular. In all of these, we want to look healthy. However, it has not been an easy deal with a lot of people spending hours daily in the gym while watching what they eat all to achieve their definition of the perfect body for them. One of the strategies that have been developed towards keeping in shape is through the consumption of a Keto diet.

What is the ketodiet

Keto diet entails consuming a diet that contains low carb. To compensate for the reduction in carbs, the protein and fat quantity in the diet is more, towards making up for the calories. The aim is to get more of the body’s calories from fat and protein as opposed to from carbohydrates. Hence the diet includes a reduction in the consumption of white bread, pastries, soda, sugar and other carbs that can easily digest.

The role of protein shakes in a keto diet

Keto dieting encourages the consumption of low-fat protein as an important solution to how to gain muscle or how to lose fat. Protein shakes are one of the major sources of protein with low fat that can be consumed when on a keto diet. The aim is to contribute to ensuring that the protein does not increase the carb content of the diet and also does not interfere with the fat content of the diet.

How keto dieting works

You might be wondering how reducing your carb content will help you to stay fit and keep in shape. The first source of energy for the body is from the consumption of carbohydrates. When you do not eat carbs of up to 50 grams daily, the body is going to quickly finish the blood sugar, which is the fuel for the body in about 4 days or less. With the blood sugar consumed, the body will begin to breakdown the fat and protein in the body for energy. Considering that it is fat deposits that make a person look fat, the breakdown of the fat to produce energy for the body will make you to quickly lose weight. This is referred to as ketosis.

Major users of ketosis

It is worthy to note that most people who switch to a keto diet do so because they want some weight loss as opposed to its health benefits. That said,keto dieting has also been linked with the management of some medical conditions. Some of the medical conditions it has been linked with include acne, some brain diseases, heart diseases, and epilepsy. Thus, for individuals suffering from any of these conditions, you could talk to your doctor about how safe it is to try out a keto diet. You should let your doctor know other medical conditions you have during the discussion, such as if you are suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

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