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Planning To Start A Family? Consider Buying A Maternity Cover

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Having a C-section at a prominent private hospital in India can cost around Rs. 1 Lakh. On the other hand, a normal delivery can cost anywhere between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 20,000.

A substantial number of mothers and new-born babies also suffer from pregnancy-related complications, which may increase the expenses even more.

Hence, having a maternity insurance in place is not just a good option, but an extremely vital one. Providing proper post-natal care to the new-born is vital and significant. However, in the case of pregnancy, the responsibility and risk of related complications are ever-present long before a child is even born.

Pregnancy complications can emerge at any time and the concern or anxiety can be extremely overbearing. A joyous occasion like pregnancy and childbirth runs through many risks, and an insurance policy that takes care of all the concerned aspects related is a must-have for about-to-be parents.

There are quite a few facets of any policy concerning maternity. A thorough understanding helps in choosing the most suitable policy, which is of prime importance especially since it concerns the health of a mother and the infant too. Any maternity insurance policy comes under the umbrella of health insurance, and the best maternity health insurance policies on offer must have a few defining features.

·         Coverage

A maternity health insurance policy must have a composite coverage over different factors related to pregnancy and child delivery. Delivery charges, hospital stay charges, medicines, and even conveyance to hospital during the delivery are all included in a comprehensive policy. Also, there are certain thresholds to all such policies. Note that most such policies begin 30 days before the expected delivery date and extend up to 60 days later.

One should also take note if the concerned policy covers both; a normal delivery as well as a caesarean delivery. This is of prime importance especially since even a scheduled normal delivery can develop complications leading to caesarean delivery.

Another point to look for is a cover of pre as well as post-natal expenses. This simply provides relief from the intricacies and the anxiety that accompanies them.

·         New-born care

While prenatal healthcare directly concerns a mother; post-natal healthcare concerns both the mother and the child. Healthcare of a new-born has many aspects to it. Beginning from basic healthcare after the child is born; complications pertaining to birth can get extended.

A good maternity insurance scheme should not only cover these complications but must extend to any critical illness that is diagnosed during a birth. Another immensely important aspect is that of vaccination. While a policy cannot cover vaccination costs indefinitely, coverage of the initial bunch of vaccines help.

·         Cashless and online service

Health insurance online is trending not just in India but throughout the globe. Simple reasons like faster application and claim methods along with hassle-free handling are the prime reasons for this.
Cashless services are vital to ensure easy availability of funds at all aspects. Note that such services require prompt intimation to the maternity insurance company for on time disbursal of funds as per terms.

Health insurance in India is growing, courtesy increasing healthcare costs, along with financial as well as related services that are provided by the companies. Amongst many companies and policies offered, companies like Bajaj Finserv offer comprehensive maternal insurance schemes. It is highly recommended to actually go through the terms and conditions, considering that the basic features of the policy are already reviewed in details while choosing the policy itself.

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