Plastic Surgery 101: Do You Need an Aesthetic Lift?

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Time and gravity affect the overall physical appearance of the body, making the skin and fat to droop, and sag. These changes can happen gradually, but at the end of the day, you’ll notice the unwanted excess skin from all over your bodies such as the arms, breast, and lower part of the body.

With so many body parts to be corrected, you might feel anxious about where to start. Luckily, there are several plastic surgery procedures designed as a solution to those unpleasant effects of gravity on the body.

For you to learn more about these aesthetic procedures, read this article up to the end to be fully informed and to decide whether you need a total makeover to look to enhance your self-esteem and to be more confident in life.

Arm Lift

This plastic surgery procedure called arm lift is performed to improve the sagging skin of your arms and correct it to become elastic again. This skin condition often referred to as “bat wings,” and commonly this is due to aging, weight loss, weight gain, or genetic problem.

Due to these reasons, the skin is stretched, and the elastic has broken down, so any exercise cannot make the skin to be firmed and lifted. Moreover, excess skin is the main culprit, so only arm lift or Brachioplasty is the solution to your problem.

For arm lift aesthetic surgery, patients receive local anesthesia and an IV sedation, but it may vary depending on the patient’s needs. The procedure can last for more than one hour to three hours. It focuses on the underside of the arm; the goal is to trim the excess skin and improve its tone.

An incision is also created on the inside or back of the arm; often, it extends from the underarm up to the elbow. The surgeon will remove the excess skin and unwanted fat cells by using liposuction if more significant fat deposits are present.

Body Lift

If your main problem is the torso and upper legs, then a body lift aesthetic procedure is the most effective solution for your concerns. This aesthetic procedure is performed to remove any excess skin and unwanted fat from those two areas.

It is a significant procedure that can last for more than three to seven hours, and it involves a lengthy recovery period of four to seven weeks. The result is incredible because much patient notices to have a slender and youthful-looking body.

Breast Lift

Breast lift procedure is the best option for women who are frustrated with their sagging breasts. As a woman continues to age, lose her weight, and as part of motherhood, the breast loses its firmness due to these factors.

A breast lift or mastopexy is the best aesthetic procedure that can make your breasts return to their firmed and rounded shape. While breast of any size can be qualified for breast lift procedure, this surgery is perfect for small-to-medium sized breasts for a better result.

Moreover, a breast lift can only be performed if the patient is in a good health condition, or if the patient has no plan to get pregnant or breastfeed again, as these changes cannot be undone.

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