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Get the Real and Proper Knowledge about Liposuction

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Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgical intervention that allows the patient to be shaped by extracting excess accumulated fat in different areas of the body through a medical aspiration system. In no case is it a treatment against obesity.

It is a simple operation with a speedy recovery and definitive results, being the most demanded cosmetic surgery by both sexes in Spain. With the help of surgeons experts in liposuction clinics, they reveal some keys to this operation.

Who is liposuction advised for?

First, we must emphasize that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, nor is it a substitute for a nutritional program of weight loss and nutritional reeducation. This technique is indicated for men and women without significant overweight, who want to correct body regions where fat has accumulated that cannot be eliminated through diet and physical exercise.

The requirements for liposuction are:

• Have good health.
• Have a firm and elastic skin.
• Be at most 30% overweight with respect to your ideal weight.
As contraindications, we can highlight:
• Patient with obesity (BMI> 30).
• Pregnant or lactating women.
• Minors.
• Patients with chronic uncontrolled diseases (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular or respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases ...)
• Patients with poor circulation in the area to be treated.
• Patients with recent surgeries.
• Patients with unrealistic expectations.

What should the surgeon assess before liposuction?

Like any surgery, liposuction surgery in Punjab requires a thorough medical evaluation by an accredited surgeon and in facilities that offer you the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene, and that has an appropriate medical technology for precise surgery.

On a first visit a complete medical history should be carried out, studying details such as lifestyle, diseases, medications or allergies, to rule out contraindications or special precautions to be taken.

A detailed exploration of the areas to be treated and assess the tone and firmness of the skin should be performed. It is an essential study because, sometimes, when there is great sagging skin, it will not adapt to the new contour and flaps will remain that will have to be corrected later with a tummy tuck intervention.

How is the liposuction Procedure Executed?

The intervention is very simple: it consists of extracting the fat from the area to be treated by making small incisions in the skin through fine cannulas connected to a sterile aspiration device.

Before entering the operating room, a preoperative marking on the skin will be performed so that the surgeon has a reference of the areas where he will perform liposuction. The intervention will be performed under local or general anesthesia and sedation, depending on the amount of fat to be removed and the patient's health status. It can even be done, as appropriate, by epidural anesthesia. Throughout the procedure, the patient will not know anything.

The surgeon makes small incisions of approximately 0.3-0.4 cm, in strategic locations so that they are barely noticeable. Through these incisions, small stainless steel cannulas are introduced connected to a suction pump. At the end of the fat aspiration, the incision is closed with intradermal sutures, which are removed after 7 days.

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