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Ayurveda herbs that can help you deal with arthritis

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Arthritis does occur when a couple of your joints are prone to inflammation, this does cause stiffness or pain in the joint resulting in a lot of pain. You would be really surprised to figure out that there are nearly 100 types of arthritis and all of them are related to joint pain. This tends to worsen with age. In certain cases it can have an impact on your day to day live reducing mobility. The use of Ayurvedic arthritis medicine can help you to deal with this issue at a considerable level.

In fact to reduce the pain hot water fermentation ceases to be an ultimate solution, as it soothes your joints and helps them to function in a better way. Though this is a remedial measure that you need to adopt when the situation is not that severe. From the point of view as far as herbs are concerned it would depend upon a case to case basis. Even the severity of the condition is important as each and every herb cannot be used by everyone. Let us explore some of the herbs that can be used in your daily day to life as part of Ayurvedic arthritis medicine


A popular form of Ayurveda herb helping to cope up with all type of joint pains. Once you consume this herb it can prevent joint pain along with excessive swelling. For this reason maximum amount of benefit is presented by this plant in the form of seed and even the stem. As it is bitter in taste the level of potency does make it a popular form of treatment as far as this disorder is concerned. The oil can be taken and then applied to your joints or you can even go on to make a paste of the leaves.


Is an excellent remedy so as to cope up with issues of joint pain? This does make it an ideal remedy so as to be dealing with joint pain. Even during the nippy weather you can use this remedy and cash in on the benefits. A best way to be applying this remedy is to crush the seeds and make a paste. Then you can go on to apply it on the affected area so as to reduce the pain. In addition you can even go on to drink ajwain water every day.


A lot of people consider ginger to be a super food and there are ample reasons on why the reason appears. Ginger is popular for its antiseptic properties as this helps to reduce joint pain along with swelling. As the flow of blood to the affected areas is increased it does cut down the pain in the affected areas. It is possible to drink ginger tea or you can apply ginger paste on the affected regions. Even it is possible to apply it with a good essential oil

To conclude these are some of the symptoms helping you deal with arthritis.

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