How to Get Paid to Walk

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Walking to get fit might not be motivating enough for some people but it surely will be if they are paid for it. Surprisingly, there are ways to earn money for just walking. It can be categorized into two parts; app based earning and actual paid jobs that require you to walk.

Apps that pay for walking

There are apps and programs that reward their users for being fit and healthy. These health and wellness rewards are designed to attract more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. These programs have different ways of tracking and rewarding the users. Generally, you need to use their apps to access online stores where different wearable devices like smartwatches are available. Order the device that you find most suitable. Once you have the wearable device, you need to connect it to your phone via the device’s app and enjoy the wellness benefits they offer.

There are different types of wearable device rewards like free gym memberships or monetary rewards. In terms of the monetary rewards, these programs and apps offer discounts on multiple popular online stores or offer you redeemable points for reaching certain fitness goals. Some programs offer you huge benefits on lifestyle products and discount on travel expenses.

Jobs that pay for walking

·         Become a billboard

Advertisers are always searching for newer ways to promote products. Human billboard is one such way. You can mention your readiness to work as a human billboard to advertising companies in your town. Having a social media presence is a huge bonus. Once you are hired, for best results, consider walking around the busy streets of your town.

·         Newspaper Deliveries

You can apply for this job at your local newspaper vendor. You are paid to deliver newspapers. As per your preference, you can deliver newspapers by walking from door to door.

·         Tourist guide

You can become a walking tour guide and help tourists navigate through popular spots and inform them about everything related to that place. You can contact the tourism authorities in your area to register as a walking guide.

·         Trainer

Fitness training is one of the most popular ways to earn money by walking. Many people who are new to walking exercises prefer to have a trainer to help them through the routine. Your job will be to lead the walkers from the front and motivate them. Learning first aid will prove advantageous.

·         Dog walker

It is a job that has lax requirements and is always has open positions. Dog owners are always looking for a trustworthy dog walker. You can contact them and walk their dogs every day to earn money.

·         Delivering food

Have you noticed the number of restaurants and food outlets in your area? These establishments hire people to deliver food to houses in the locality. You can become a delivery person for the food business near you. You can always use any form of transportation for this job, but then walking will not only get you paid but will also make you fitter.

Rewards for working out are a new concept but is gaining a lot of momentum. Further, it has the potential to motivate people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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