Four Low-Tech Things Doctors Still Do

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The tools available for doctors in diagnosing ailments have increased enormously in recent years. Chances are you've had an EKG or EEG or sophisticated blood analyses or some variety of medical digital imaging, sometimes without even having to go to a specialist. But there are still things your primary care doctor will do during a checkup that haven't changed much since you were visiting your pediatrician as a kid.
Weigh In
Oh, how we wish this part of doctor visits would disappear. Surely there's some sort of scan they  could administer that would keep us from having to step up on that platform while the nurse scoots the weights back and forth until the truth of our final measurement is reached. If they've made it so you can get your temperature taken with a mere touch to your forehead, you'd think they could take us out of this misery too.
Take a Deep Breath
There's some debate as to whether stethoscopes are still worthwhile diagnostic tools, but doctors are hanging them around their necks and using them to listen to our chests and our backs anyway. It's always at least a little reassuring when you get through that ritual and the doctor has found everything to be satisfactory. Hey, we've got a heartbeat!
Say Ah
Could anything be more humble and low-tech than a tongue depressor? Yet amidst all that fancy machinery, your doctor will probably use one to check your throat for infections—and then fling it unceremoniously in the trash.
How Do You Feel?
The most important tech-free thing your doctor should be doing is talking to you, and giving you time to fully express your symptoms and concerns. If that's not happening, maybe it's your doctor you need to trade in for a fancier model.
Sadly, you probably won't end your visit to the doctor with a lollipop like you used to. But with luck, maybe you can score a few free samples.

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