5 Most Effective Exercises For Fat Loss

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So, you’ve decided to regain your fitness and get rid of your unwanted fat. Your next step is to find the best exercises to achieve this. The internet is awash with information about the best type of fat loss exercises to undertake. You may come across blog posts and articles saying that you need to engage in cardio exercises only to burn fat. Another fitness expert might prescribe running alone to help you lose fat. Such information can leave you confused and unsure of the best direction to go in when you want to lose fat.
Fat loss is a metabolic process. This process is heavily influenced by nutrition and hormones. However, you can optimize fat loss by engaging in the right kind of exercises. Overall, Fat Loss Training should not be a complicated process. By engaging in the right exercises and keeping your diet in check, you can achieve all your fat loss aims. 
There are many different ways of achieving fat loss goals, but here are five of the simplest and most effective exercises to lose those unwanted layers of fat:
  1.     Pull Ups
If you want to restore your fitness without needing to join a gym, do pull ups. These are the best mass and strength building exercises that you can perform at home. And whether you are a slinky yogi, an avid crossfitter, or a weekend warrior, pull ups will work for you. Although some people can perform several pull ups with ease and grace, most of us can’t do it easily. But practice makes progress!
Basically, pull ups require you to hang from a strong bar with your hands and pull your entire body up to the bar. But, as most people will attest when they first try it, it’s much harder than it looks. There’s a reason for this though. You are essentially, using your relatively small arms to pull a much bigger and heavier lower body. The amount of weight you pull up is literally your entire body weight.
Though completion of a pull up involves many different muscles, the lats are the primary muscles for this exercise. Pull ups engage the core and the legs when done in the right form. You can do pull ups slowly or fast, low or high. And if you become really successful at pull ups, you can enter the plyometric territory. A plyo pull up, or clap pull up, is one where you ‘jump’ off the bar with your hands at the top of the pull up. These movements are tricky, but extremely efficient for building physique and burning fat in both women and men.
  1.     Burpees
Burpees are strength training and aerobic exercises. Basically, a burpee is a full body exercise with four-step movements. First, you take a standing position. This is followed by squatting with your hands on the ground. The third step is kicking feet back into a clear plank position with extended arms. You then return your feet into a squat position and finally stand up from your squat position.
Generally, burpees hurt but they hurt for a good reason as they are providing a great way to lose that unwanted body fat. Doing burpees for at least one minute will have your heart racing. It’s an outstandingly effective and explosive full body workout which will help you shed body fat fast  when done regularly.
  1. Sprinting
Sprinting falls under the interval training category. When you start sprinting, you get more than just amazing glutes. You also get tremendous shoulders and arms. Sprinting helps with fat loss because it’s a natural, full-body exercise. And to get the full benefits of sprinting, you don’t need to sprint too far. The results are the direct outcome of the effort you put. When you go hard, you start feeling and looking great. Sprinting more often will give keep you lean and give you a well-proportioned look. You will also have amazing muscles in the right places.
It’s important, however, to be careful to lower your injury risk and maximize benefits. To do this, keep sprints short. Ideally, avoid sprinting over 50 yards. This way, you will maintain high intensity while sprinting and avoid the breakdowns which can cause injury. Increase your overall number of sprints for better results instead of sprinting long distances.
When starting out, go for a single sprint workout every week. However, you can increase this to two sprints per session as you improve. For even better results, combine sprinting with other forms of gym workouts.
  1.     Dead lifts
Deadlifting refers to weight training where a loaded barbell is lifted from the ground to the hips then lowered back to the ground. This exercise can be approached from different positions including squat, conventional deadlift, and sumo-deadlift. The primary movers for this exercise are the legs and hips. However, deadlift can also be a back exercise.
Deadlifts enhance fitness by engaging the back and arms as well as the full core which comprises of the back and front. They also engage the feet and leg muscles. The entire body is challenged by heavy lifting for the low reps, which is important for developing great abs and losing fat.
  1.     Power Cleans
Power clean refers to Olympic weightlifting which looks impressive, and it is! When performed correctly, power cleans provides a full-body workout. Essentially, this exercise requires mass-muscle co-operation which builds strength throughout the entire body. During hip extension, the body requires explosive power. This uses a great deal of the powerhouse muscles of the body. It particularly requires the co-operation of the gluteal muscles and hamstrings, and explosive power in your legs and arms. 
Since power cleans target several different muscle groups, they burn calories quickly while fast-tracking the rate at which you gain strength and build functional muscles. But, to avoid injuries, make sure that you always stand up in the proper form when performing this exercise.
Power cleans can be the only movement workout necessary if done properly. That’s because they engage almost all body muscles, even the facial muscles.  
Final Thought
The ideal exercises for fat loss involve multiple body muscles to enhance the fat burning process. And when done in the right form, they yield faster and more efficient results. Try these exercises to boost the fat loss potential of your body and see your fitness restored with great results!

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