Why I love to Practice Iyengar Yoga

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Yes, it’s true! My first ever experience with Iyengar yoga irritated me. I still remember spending hours on finding the perfect alignment of Trikonasana thinking, “If we don’t get on with this yoga soon, I might explode!”

Fortunately for my classmates and me, I didn’t explode. I kept attending the classes as even though it was not the most enjoyable 90 minutes. I realized that there is plenty of transformative power in Iyengar yoga.

Known for being a therapeutic yoga, Iyengar yoga, as I believe, is a true form of yoga that has tremendous powers to heal and benefit the human body.

Here are some of the top reasons why I love Iyengar yoga:

Enhanced Flexibility

You’re not required to touch your toes to practice Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar yoga is a slow and gentle practice that guides the practitioner into stretches of approximately one minute long. The use of props will allow any practitioner, from beginner to advanced, to maintain postures without causing any pain or injury.

Toned Muscles

Apart from stretching muscles, Iyengar yoga pose also helps you build strength and tone the body.

Since Iyengar yoga engages the whole body, the attention goes not only to the main muscle but also instructs you to think about where your muscles are connected to the other body parts. The outcome is an excellent full body toning experience.

Pain Relief

Many studies show that Iyengar yoga has the power to relieve back and neck pain. By paying attention to alignment, much of hunching, slouching, and muscle weakness that causes neck and back pain can be overcome through Iyengar. This practice can also help you stretch the back muscles and relieve pain-causing tension.

A Calm Mind

Once you make a yogic pose, Iyengar encourages and inspires you to focus on the alignment and ignore other thoughts on your mind. You can take Iyengar yoga as a type of meditation- the more you practice it, the calmer your mind becomes.

Improved Postures

Through its emphasis on alignment, Iyengar yoga assists you in strengthening those muscles of your body that are responsible for postures like legs, back and core.

By making minor adjustments to improve alignment, you can also make smaller muscles stronger that are often ignored. The result of this is that you will find yourself standing and sitting straighter, which will offer you more energy, lesser pain, and increased confidence.

Protection from Diseases

Diseases or ailments happen when the normal processes of the human body don’t work in the way they should. Iyengar yoga can improve the overall functioning of the body- from the blood circulation system to the nervous and digestion.
When the systems of the body are going well, organs get nourishes, toxins are eliminated, and the risk of diseases sinks.

So, these are only a few out of many benefits that have convinced me to love Iyengar yoga. No matter whether you are new to yoga, I would like to encourage you to give Iyengar yoga a try to see how many of these benefits you experience. In India, there are many popular places to learn it, however, most people choose to learn Yoga in Rishikesh. There are 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, where students learn how to use props. 

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