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Not being able to have an erection can be the worst thing you can experience as a male teenager or adult. Coming back from a long trip and not being able to make love to your partner and you can’t just get it up could be very terrifying.

Erectile dysfunction can tear you down emotionally, physically and even socially making you unable to brag about how good your sex game is. Understanding the cause for the loss of your erection is very mandatoryand written below are some of the common reasons why you cannot get or maintain an erection;

This is a very common cause for erectile dysfunction and it is very psychological. It is mainly common amongst young adults or first timers; would my partner be satisfied? am I big enough? will I last long? All these questions cross the mind and stresses the whole brain making an erection difficult to attain. The whole idea of not meeting up to your partner’s expectations or not satisfying your partner well enough can lead to erectile dysfunction, the whole tension pulls your mind away from the actual intercourse going on to the ‘what ifs’ and sexual activities require full attention which you lack due to the anxiety you feel.

This performance anxiety or lack of confidence you feel is very mental as mentioned earlier and requires several special therapy sessions that helps you open your mind up and ease the tension that you feel. Coupled with talking to the doctor, oral medications are also prescribed to help hasten the treatment process.

Hypothalamic Disorder (low testosterone)

The hypothalamus is the part of the brain in charge of the distribution of hormones especially testosterone which is the head of all sexual activities of a man. When there’s a problem with the hypothalamus, there would be a problem with the distribution of hormones and having an erection becomes very difficult and also because low testosterone can cause a major reduction in your sex drive (libido).

The hypothalamus is responsible for the overall response to stimuli. When there’s a fault in the hypothalamus the brain’s response to sexual stimuli is partially or completely damaged making the brain unable to send sexual related signals to the brain making an erection impossible to get or maintain. An erection is the body’s way of responding to sexual stimuli in men.

Hypothalamic disorder can also be treated with the help of a doctor and with the help of you being dedicated to strict diets, exercises, increase in chromium intake. The doctors play their parts by giving you certain guidelines to follow and recommending hormone replacement therapy and/or surgeries that get rid of tumors.

Blockage in the Blood Vessels

The blood vessels are parts of the circulatory system responsible for the circulation of blood around the body i.e., the arteries, veins and capillaries. A blockage in the arteries is caused by a disease known asAtherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease causing a plaque to build up in the arteries. Blood circulation is not limited to the head, arms and feet, it also affects the attaining of an erection. Poor blood circulation caused by clogged blood vessels can lead to poor erection or no erection at all. To attain or sustain an erection there must be proper dilation in the arteries and veins to make blood circulation easy and a blockage in this blood vessels makes it impossible to achieve. It is similar to the case of using a straw to drink a smoothie, a slight press against the straw obstructs the free flow of your smoothie into your mouth. The major cause for a clogged blood vessel is high cholesterol level, obesity.

The commonest way of unclogging a clogged vessel is the use of drugs that boosts blood flow by dilating the blood vessels such as; Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc. Other self-care methods include regular exercising, taking less of fatty foods and taking in more fruits and vegetables. Doctors also recommend surgical procedures like placing a tube in the arteries of the heart or inserting a stent to keep the arteries open.

Pelvic Injuries

Any fracture in the pelvis (the surrounding area of the lower part of the body i.e., the hip bone, sacrum)can completely affect the erection process. Pelvic injuries are very likely to occur when there is any form of automobile accidents and is easy to identify because there will always be a sharp pain around the hip area.

It is no rocket science that an injured pelvis can cause damage to the blood vessels that circulates blood to the penile region and lead to the loss of your erection especially when a urethral injury is involved. These injuries are also treatable and treatment depends on the level of damage done, you might just need to rest for a while for some or go as far as having surgery for some but it is important to know that pelvic injuries are curable.

Syndrome X

This is professionally called metabolic syndrome and is called syndrome X because it is a medical condition that is coupled with about five other conditions that are very hazardous to the heart and the body in general. These conditions are;

·         Rapidly increasing blood pressure
·         High blood sugar
·         Excess abdominal fat i.e., central obesity
·         High triglycerides level -triglycerides are responsible for body fat in humans and animals.
·     Low serum HDL (high-density lipoprotein) – lipoproteins are responsible for circulating lipids around the body.
Each of this condition are individually capable of causing erectile dysfunction but a combination of more than three of these conditions can be enough diagnosis to prove that you’re suffering from syndrome X which could also make you prone to heart diseases and diabetes.

Exercising, special diet, reduction or putting a complete stop to alcohol and smoking are ways to cure syndrome X all by yourself; these methods may not be sufficient enough, so seeing a doctor is your best bet to curing syndrome X. 

Erectile dysfunction is a major issue in the life of most men and the good part of it is that it has its remedy. Prevention is better than cure, so knowing the causes of erectile dysfunction should be good enough for you not to risk being affected by it, especially causes that you can literally prevent like smoking tobacco or excessive intake of alcohol. Whatever the cause may be, seeing a medical expert remains the best option to treating erectile dysfunction and getting your manhood back.

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