Protect Your Horse with Medical Insurance

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Owning and showing horses is an expensive lifestyle. Purchasing the horse, maintaining the tack and other equipment and buying a trailer are major investments. Most horse owners choose to protect that cash outlay with insurance. Not all insurance companies handle these types of policies, but if you look you can find a company who will give you a horse insurance quote.
In Transit
Loading and unloading a horse in a trailer and driving it to and from a show all pose risks and opportunities for injury. Some horses load and unload easily, while others are nervous and can act out. Other drivers don't always think about the precious cargo in that trailer and sometimes put you and your horse in danger. It's a good idea to get a horse insurance quote before hitting the road.
At a Show
Horse insurance covers your animal for injuries sustained in the ring or in the stall. Show horses can have high strung personalities and are often unpredictable. You simply don't know what another horse is going to do. Add crowds of people into the mix and you have the recipe for a potential problem. If your horse is injured by another animal or suffers a fall, your medical policy will cover the cost of treatment, which can be very expensive.
In the Barn
Even at home in the barn or pasture, horses get into spats, play rough or spook and all of these can cause injuries requiring expensive vet care. Some medical plans cover illness as well as injury, and you can also get life insurance on an expensive animal. You hope never to use it, but these things happen and it is better to be prepared. 
You put years of work and a lot of money into training a talented show horse, so be sure your investment is covered. Horse insurance can bring you peace of mind.

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