Early signs of pregnancy symptoms

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Wondering are you pregnant? The only way to assure you is to opt for a pregnancy test. In fact there are most early symptoms of pregnancy you can explore.

Do all the women face up to early symptoms of pregnancy?

Each woman is different and so too are the experiences of pregnancy. Each woman is not going to have the same symptoms or they could be the same from one pregnancy to another. The early symptoms of pregnancy could minimize that you could experience right before and after menstruation as you might realize you might have become pregnant.

This is followed by a description of the early symptoms of pregnancy. You need to be aware that these symptoms might even arise not only from pregnancy. If you notice the first early symptoms of pregnancyit does not mean that you are pregnant. The only way you can assure yourself is by opting for a pregnancy test.

Cramping and spotting

After conception, to the walls of your uterus the fertilized egg attaches itself. This could point to one of the earliest signs of pregnancy cramping and sometimes spotting. In medical terms it is known as implantation bleeding. Once the egg is fertilized it can occur between 6 to 12 days.

The cramps replicate menstrual cramps as some women consider it as starting phase of their periods. Cramps along with bleeding are on the lesser side. Apart from bleeding woman may experience a milky white discharge from their vagina. This is a discharge taking place throughout the period of pregnancy and poses to be harmless. But if it gives a foul smell and this discharge leads to itching or irritation it is better to consult your doctor. They are going to check whether you have a yeast or bacterial infection.

Breast changes

Another early sign of pregnancy is changing of breasts. After conception the hormone levels of a woman undergo a massive change. For these reasons breasts may become swollen, sore or even tingly in a week or two later. They could even fuller or a tinge heavier to touch. The region around the nipples could darken.

There are other factors that cause breast changes. But if you figure that it could be an early sign of pregnancy, just bear in mind that it is going to take a few weeks of time to get used to the new levels of hormone. Once done the breast pain would ease.


To be tired in the early phase of pregnancy is a normal occurrence. Even after one week of conceiving a woman can become fatigued. This is often related to higher levels of hormone during pregnancy. Even lower levels of blood pressure can contribute to the same.

If fatigue occurs due to pregnancy, the need is to get plenty of rest. To consume foods that are rich in protein along with iron is the key.

To conclude apart from the above symptoms a woman may deal with morning sickness during pregnancy. But this does not occur in each and every woman.

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