9 things to perform to ensure perfect heart health

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In order to lead a long, happy, disease free life, it is important to exercise the mind and the body as well as keep the heart in good, healthy condition. According to the leading medical experts, the vascular system and the heart can be fragile. People usually do not put regular energy or though on what is required for taking proper care of the heart.
Top things to do or avoid to ensure having a fit heart
·         Avoid excessive sitting: Prolonged sitting may cause premature aging of the arteries and heart disease. Every hour of sitting each day is associated with 14% increase in the coronary artery calcification. The latter is considered to be a damaged heart artery sign which can in turn increase heart attack risks. Times, apps and standing desks are some of the necessary tools required for today’s sedentary society.

·         Proper sleep: Sleep is restorative. Hence, the pillow is considered to be the best anti aging solution. With sound sleep for about 7 to 8 hours, the heart can be in good condition. Also can be used adaptogenic herbs, smartphone apps and mindfulness meditation.

·         Sweat: Although the person may run, he will not be able to hide from toxins present in food, cosmetics and plastics. Heavy metals like lead and mercury can damage the arteries and the heart. Sweating practice like steam sauna and exercise can help do away with the toxins quite efficiently.

·         Yoga: Several benefits can be derived for the mind and body by performing yoga. However, one powerful aspect is spinal flexibility, which correlates to important artery flexibility.

·         Avoid diet soda: Those who are weight conscious generally have diet soda. The medical experts occlude that this is equally evil, since there is increased heart disease risk with its consumption. Drinking over two diet sodas in a day will only cause heart disease and potential death. Some of the must have items are black coffee, green juice, unsweetened tea, water, etc.

·         Have regular medical check-ups: The person may have that feeling of being young and invincible. The truth is even healthy lifestyle will not make him/her to be immune to those innumerous heart diseases that could even affect teenagers. Besides making lifestyle choices such as exercise, smoking and diet, some genetic factors also tend to play a crucial role with heart health. Hence, visiting the physician periodically is recommended to ensure good, healthy heart.

·         Avoid smoking: Smoking according to WHO and medical experts puts the person on fast track to suffering from heart attack. So quit immediately to have healthy heart.

·         Manage stress: The medical experts conclude that stress is linked with heart disease. The advent of wifi and smartphones has only added to the existing health problems. Adrenal fatigue and stress may age arteries very fast. Several strategies can be learnt to manage stress which can be used regularly.

·         Avoid consuming junk/unhealthy food

Visiting the best cardiologist in Delhi can help the person to be safe and lead a happy, satisfied life.

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