How a cream can effectively moisturize my skin without producing any side effects

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While using any products or taking any medicine, what we are generally scared of is side-effects. Most of the people think that a moisturizer heightens or increases the risk of skin damages and breakouts but this is not true. While it is important to be scared sometime so that you put your steps cautiously, you should also be aware at the same time that not all the products especially skin-care creams can be effective enough to deal against acne. Furthermore, it is worthy to note that a moisturizer for dry skin not only hydrates it but has several other benefits too.

To start with, we already know that there is a number of moisturizing products, which helps to keep your superficial layer of the body hydrated and supple without resulting in an oily mess. Moreover, there is increasing evidence, which suggests that moisturizing your skin can effectively restrict and prevent any skin breakouts. Before making your skin suffer from any harmful diseases, go for the right products that are free of any harsh chemical. To get such type of products, all you will need is to know the ingredients that you are going to apply.

Chemicals that should be avoided in a moisturizing cream:

Parabens: Most of the beauty products advertise themselves as a paraben-free. However, it is imitated as estrogen, which can lead to improper functioning of skin tissue. Although it is considered safer to use, it does have harmful effects on your skin. Whatever may be right or wrong regarding paraben, we would suggest you to avoid using it completely.

Triclosan: Although having antioxidant and antifungal properties, it is restricted to be used in abundance. The reason being, it can damage your skin. In fact, it is not in any anti-bacterial products now, so if you find it listed in the ingredients, just ignore the product altogether.

Oxybenzone: It is widely used in sunscreen lotion, which helps to absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun. However, studies have shown that this particular ingredient causes the excess formation of reactive oxygen substance that can result in early cell death. It can be imitated as phenyl-methanone and benzophenone, so be aware not to have any of these ingredients.

Fragrance: We just love to buy products that smell good and if it is cream, body wash or moisturizers, then a good fragrance is a must. While we love different types of fragrance, we just don’t care or bother about what companies might be used to for the fragrance in their cosmetic products. Moreover, companies are also forced to disclose chemicals on accounts of trade secrets. Note that these fragrances emit formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that may lead to harmful disease.

Other chemicals that should be better avoided include Phthalates, Cyclomethicone, Siloxanes, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.

Once we know which chemicals to avoid, our choices become more gentle and innocuous. And for moisturizer, which is more of a necessity than just being a cosmetic product must not contain any of the harmful products. Moisturizer for dry skin is the only product that can heal the damage-prone cells and if it is free of any harmful chemicals, there will be no side effects you should be worrying about.

To make things better, some of the brands have taken initiatives to make a complete natural-ingredient product, one of which is Moisturising Cream Shea Butter and Vitamin E. It can be used twice daily and contains extremely mild fragrance. The various benefits of using this product include effective treatment of scars, hydrating skin, moisturizes the skin, makes it soft and supple, even-toned complexion and no side effects.

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