Everyday Should be a Healthy Day

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Good and sound health is the biggest procession of human beings specially in today's world where regular life has become much more challenging as well as full of opportunities,one has to maintain good health on regular basis.According to a recent research conducted by UNO, it has been found that the majority of the people around the world crave for good health.Regularinitiativesshouldbetakento stay healthy. Any sort of negligence towards health issues may invite host of diseases.

There are various keys to good health .Most important of them are maintenance of a healthy diet and indulgence of regular exercise. Let’s start with diet as it is the predominant factor is maintaining a sound health. The food we intake decides the quality our health. According to Ayurveda  “If one intakes food as a medicine he shall never have to consume medicine”. This means if we consume those foods which are beneficial for us we shall never have to visit a doctor. A balanced diet should contain the following edibles:

ü  Fresh fruits and vegetables
ü  Whole grains such as wheat,maize,cereals and pulses
ü  Dry fruits and nuts such as almonds,walnuts,dates etc
ü  Usage of certain medicinal herbs such as tulsi, neem, and mint to name a few.

Along with food proper intake of water and other health beneficiary liquids such as milk and fruit juices should be consumed regularly.

 Then comes the second important aspect of health and that is exercise. It is observed that a body which sweats vigorously at least once a day is capable of keeping a host of diseases away.Excercise has many forms one has to choose them according to his suitability.Excercise is the natural technique to drive away all the unwanted and harmful  toxins from the body. It increases metabolism and keeps the body fit.Nowadays the gym culture is considered to be the best option for maintenance of health but other than this there are many options which equally beneficial to maintain sound health.You must opt for:

1.      Jogging or talking a brisk walk-It increasesoxygen intake and helps in proper functioning of heart.
2.      Sports and outdoor games– Sports has always been the most liked option to achieve and maintain good health.It helps in enhancing metabolism and stamina.
3.      Martial arts-Along with being a form of self defence technique Martial arts like taikon do and kungfu or even general wrestling helps in removing unwanted fat from the body and develops a sense of discipline.
4.      Swimming- It is one of the most effective form of exercise as it involves highest number of muscles
5.      Yoga- Yoga is the eternal science of health.Yoga unites the body, mind and soul providing wholesome wellness.

Other than these there are some easy tips to stay healthylike

ü  Climbing stairs instead of taking lift
ü  Drinking Luke warm water instead of cold water
ü  Drinking lemonade or coconut water instead of cold drinks
ü  Oxygenating the body regularly
ü  Keeping the body hydrated by drinking enough water
ü  Alkalising the body.

Health is the most precious wealth and the key to this treasure is in our own hands. There are basically three fundamental policies for good health. Keep the body oxygenated andlive a disciplined lifestyle. This is how do you stay healthy everyday.

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