Advantages of OTP service.

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The system of one-time password is called OTP in short, that is valid for only for one time login session on any computer system or other digital device. Any such type of number that are associated with traditional or static password-based on authentication is avoid by the OTP service, in that case a number of implementations is also incorporated by two-factor authentication. This is done by ensuring that the one-time password requires to access to something a person has and along with that something a person knows. 

Pseudo randomness or randomness are typically used by the algorithms at the time of generating OTP. In this process successor OTPs prediction are made by an attacker difficult, and also along with hash functions. This process is used to derive a value but this is hard to reverse the process and thus it can be sometimes difficult for an attacker to obtain the information or data that was used for the hash. The concrete OTP algorithms vary greatly on the different approaches for the OTPs generation process. The online OTP generator, generates the OTP in a different process, such as: 

When the process is based on the time-synchronization OTP generation process between the authentication of the server and the client providing the password, in this case the OTPs are valid only for a short period of time.

When we are using any type of mathematical algorithm in order to generate a new password that is based on the previous password that was generated, in this case the OTPs are effectively a chain and must be used in a specific predefined manner.

On the other hand we can also generate the OTP by the mathematical algorithm where the new password is generally based on any challenge, such as a random number chosen by the authentication server or transaction details. 

The basic advantages of Using OTP Services that are provided by the, OTP service providers India, which make them accepted world-wide are:

  • Cost Effective.
  • It is difficult for human beings to manipulate the OTP system.
  • Time effective and no delay.
  • Operational Efficiency.
  • Securing Payment and Confirming Transactions
  • Secure Multiple Devices to One Account
  • Blocking Spammers and Bots Similar to Captcha Forms
  • Securing Online Documents with Sensitive Information like Payslips, Medical Documents, Legal Documents
  • Delivery Dropbox Authentication
  • Amending Your Self-Service Banking Profile and User Details
  • Authorize Upgrades
  • Reset Passwords
  • Reactivate Users

OTPs have been proves to be a possible replacement for all the traditional password methods and processes. There are different ways that are used in order to make the user aware of the next OTP, which he or she needs to use. In some of the systems special electronic security tokens are used that are carried by the user and that helps in the OTP generation process using a small display. There are some such processes where the OTPs are printed on the paper that the user need to carry. 

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