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Ways to Use Protection Stones to Bring in Positive Vibes

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Protection stones can help in eliminating the negative energies and safeguards every member living in a house. These stones are used as an age-old therapy to griddle homes with the right energies flowing to maximize the comfort zone and bringing in peace. So if you’re also planning to bring positivity into your life, then here is how you can place the protection stones to achieve the best results

Putting it under your cushions

It’s believed that placing Protection Stones under your pillows can help in warding off strange nightmares. Many people are prone to having bad dreams and may have the deadliest nightmares making them go restless which results in sleepless nights. For such people, placing protection stones such as Citrine, Amethyst and violet crystal stones under their headrest can help in having a peaceful sleep.

Placing stones near your computers

Nowadays in the era of technology, usually, people spend the maximum time sitting in front of their laptops or PC. Thus,it’s essential to place protection stones nearby your computer systems to let the positive energies surround you during your work schedule. You can find people placing sunstones near their computers if they are into online business, as it’s believed that this stone brings in success. You can also find people placing amazonite and sodalite stones which can protect from the harmful radiations that are emitted out of the computer systems.

Placing protection stones in your vehicles

Vehicles have become an integral part of our life. Whether it may be for going out to the office or for shopping, we tend to use vehicles as a means of transport to reach our destination at a faster pace. People use cars and two-wheelers on a frequent basis but forget to get rid of the negative energies that may surround us. Placing amber, garnet and amethyst stones in your car can give relief from the stress that you might face during driving. Obsidian stones can help in removing the negativities whereas turquoise can function as a protection stone against any kind of injuries or accidents.

Placing protection stones in water

Placing protection stones such as Shungite in water can help in curing any kind of illness that you might have been facing all through the years. Not only does it ward off illnesses but also cleanses the water from the organic compounds and particles dissolved in it. You can call it as a purifying stone which is known for its medicinal properties and can cure various sicknesses such as diabetes, kidney issues, asthma, allergies, etc.

Placing protection stones in various rooms of your house

Protection stones can bring in positive vibes and has a lot to do with spiritual beliefs. A carnelian stone placed near your front entry door can bring in abundance and ensures safety. Celestite stones can be placed in your rooms for acquiring health benefits. Placing hematite stones underneath your doormats can help in keeping off the negative energies that may come in from the visitors visiting your home.

So these are a few tips that you can employ at your home for maximizing the benefits of using Protection Stones.

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