The Amazing Benefits Of The KunzeaAmbigua

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White cloud, Tazmanian Spring Flower, Tick Bush are just s;ome of the names that are associated with KunzeaAmbigua. Whatever its name may be, its potency is well known long before it is documented. Used by natives for medication for a variety of conditions. It is also known as the "tick" bush as ticks simply fall off animals and livestock when applied with oil from this plant. The oil derived from this plant is among the lesser known but cherished for its variety of beneficial effects most notably its ability to control acne breakouts in teenagers. This oil was mainly thrust into the mainstream because of the increasing popularity of essential oil applications. Let us take a look below about what makes this particular essential oil really stand out.

Traditional Applications

KunzeaAmbigua is originally and widely used by Australian aborigines to relieve skin irritation, muscle tightness, and pain. Further along the timeline, it was registered as one of the main ingredients in providing temporary relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain. It also became famous with athletes wanting relief from muscle pains.

Therapeutic Benefits

Aromatherapy and essential oils go hand in hand and it is almost impossible to mention one without mentioning the other. The amount of kunzea oil suppliers australia are numerous enough to ensure continuous supply all throughout. Kunzea oil soothes fatigued muscles and supports core strength. It also supports healthy skin and helps reduce the appearance of skin blemishes. It has seen its use as an active ingredient in topical products for relieving muscular pain and reducing joint inflammation. When used with a diffuser, it offers relief from stress, anxiety, nervous tension, and mental exhaustion.

Amazing For Skin

KunzeaAmbigua is also noted for its effect on dry and flaky skin but is most widely used for preventing acne breakouts in the face. This is very important especially for teenagers and thus making this essential oil a must have for every teenager who suffers from this condition. The oil is extremely effective in preventing and controlling inflammation because of its well-documented antibacterial properties and in combination with its other healing properties seems to effectively combat the spread of acne.

Insect Repellent

KunzeaAmbigua is also named tick bush for its ability to repel ticks as observed in the wild by natives when cows or horses sidle up to the plant to remove ticks and other parasites. Furthermore, it also has been observed to repel mosquitoes and keep them at bay simply by rubbing oil on the exposed skin. Kunzea oil is purported to have the same efficacy as citronella oil when it comes to effectively repel mosquitoes.

Being Looked At As Relief From Psoriasis

The oils anti-inflammatory properties and possibly anti- infective effects for dermatologic conditions have made it an ideal candidate for study in combating various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and other skin infections. Although further studies are being conducted, the future is certainly looking bright into unlocking the still unknown benefits of this amazing but unassuming plant.

Further Studies Needed

Further investigation and study are needed in order to unlock the full potential of this oils efficacy against other conditions and we cannot wait to try them out!

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