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Preparing your pet for the arrival of your little one

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Getting your pet used to the arrival of your new born baby poses a challenge. As feeling of pregnancy creeps in it is natural for you to feel anxious and stressful. Compared to other parents you might feel anxious if there is a pet in your family. An obvious cause of worry is how pets around the new bornwould mingle.

With a tingle of planning you can make a smooth transition of this phase. You can make your pampered pet get used to the hustle and bustle of the arrival of a new born baby. Most home owners claim to their pets that this is their first born baby. The phase of pregnancy involves considerable changes and it is that time when a parent is not able to pay a lot of attention to pets. As per research reports, time spent with your pet reduces drastically once a new born arrives in a family. Your close relation with your pets change. It is not only the time but emotional changes take place. When you have young children at your house, it makes no sense to think of pets as small babies. But still a lot of things can be done in conveying to your pet that a special member is about to arrive in your family.

Before arrival of the baby

A pet may figure that something is cooking up when you are arranging your rooms during pregnancy. Stuff for the new born arrives and all furniture is sorted. For a dog you can incorporate a noisy CD that makes them used to the crying sound of your baby. In a gradual man send a message across to your pet that a baby is on the way.

In case if you start to change things all of a sudden it could pose to be a struggle for a pet. They would find it hard to digest and pets around new born babies might take an aggressive stance. Ideally your pet would want to catch up with good things of the baby. During pregnancy let the pet be familiar with your baby’s room. This is if you are planning to allow the child on to the bedroom of your baby. If you do not want to do so safety doors or gears can be installed to give them a feeling of what is going on inside. This would make it feel less isolated. For a dog give them ample time in order to adjust to safety gates. At certain times it does make sense to separate your dogs at an isolated place with ample food.

A normal situation

You could be aware that once a baby arrives you would not be getting a lot of time to play with your baby, so why not make them used to the idea earlier. General schedule or exercise activities could be well adjusted before a baby arrives. You can cut back on your time with your pet by being part of quality activities.

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