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Funny alternatives before pregnancy tests evolved

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Till a few decades back women did not even have tools for pregnancy test. No test was available at a doctor’s chamber as well. This would be really confusing. Hold on! Before modern medicine made its mark there were some unusual methods to confirm pregnancy.

To pee on a stick is not a glamorous affair. You are not even witnessing your baby. Even if you try the same range of substances results are going to be the same. Medical experts are of the opinion that any medical test revolves around the principle of HCG detection. In urine of a pregnant woman this hormone is present as the cells formulate this hormone to evolve placenta after phase of implantation. Any home based tests lack the scientific evidence that they are accurate. But we cannot turn a blind eye to them as all of them as most of them operate on the principle of HCG detection just like we work on the normal tests. If you are looking for an experiment it is great, but do not go overboard.

Dandelion leaves

Once you have cut the leaves an important aspect is not to expose them to too much of sunlight. The moment you urinate on them wait for 10 minutes and then watch out for a positive sign on them.


This promises to be one of the most accurate of tests where you might have to mix your urine with a little bleach of a cup. If a foam reaction appears it means that the baby is well on their way.


Once again you will be mixing your urine in a cup with toothpaste. No need to add up stripes but add white toothpaste. If positive news appears the colour will change to blue.


It has been estimated that this test proves to be 100 % accurate. But take into consideration that it would work for the first urine of your day. Just what you need to do is to add up three teaspoons of granulated sugar. If clumps of sugar form and do not dissolve it means that you are pregnant.


For this test you need to wait for 5 days to be over after ovulation. So to give this a try you have to track down your monthly cycle. Now the question is what would happen to the salt once you go on to mix it up with urine. If a cheesy type white substance emerges after a few minutes then things are on track.

In addition to this a pregnancy test tool kit will enable you to confirm news of pregnancy at your home. You can opt for a digital or standard test kit. In case of the former it is four days after your missed period and whereas in case of the latter it is after 6 days. Once again both these tests are based on the principle of HCG detection. But digital sticks are popular as a yes or no is revealed during pregnancy.

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