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Different types of pregnancy tests

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Quiet often a woman is asked to confirm whether she is pregnant or not. There are some viable signs of pregnancy but to confirm status pregnancy tests are a must. There are types of pregnant tests at doctor’s chamber with minimal chances of errors. Let us now go through the various types of pregnancy tests

Pregnancy test at home

In standard or digital stick formats these tests are available. The standard versions can be used up to 4 days of your missed period, whereas digital ones can be used till 6 days of your last missed period. Note down that if you conduct test early a false negative may arise. This means that you are pregnant, but the result could mean something opposite.

The test should be undertaken in the wee hours of morning as your urine or hormone levels are more concentrated. But this does not mean that the test results have to be accurate. The urine has to be collected in a clear and dry container. If the test is negative it is better that you try after a few days if your period has not started. The faint line signifies the fact that you are pregnant.

Digital results are more sensitive and respond faster than standard tests. Women have a liking towards digital sticks as they flash results of pregnancy via a Yes and no. Any pregnancy test would last for a couple of years after production. Considering what you are trying to achieve, opting for an expired test does not make any sense.

Urine test at a clinic

This test is performed at the chamber of a doctor. These tests cannot be conducted at commercial chambers in comparison to a doctor’s chamber. It is based on the same principle of HCG detection. Though the main difference arises that when you avail services of a professional, chances of error reduce at a considerable level. These tests could end up being a bit costly as compared to a home pregnancy test.

Blood tests

At a doctors chamber these tests are undertaken. Once again the presence of HCG in blood is tested. As compared to a urine tests, blood tests could detect HCG much earlier. Though they prove to be expensive and the results take some amount of time to arrive. There are a couple of types of blood tests

Qualitative HCG blood test would enable to figure out whether HCG is produced in the body or not. Whether you are pregnant or not a simple yes would mention the answer. After 10 days of a missed period a doctor may ask you to go for this test. Some tests could detect HCG much earlier as well.

The quantitative HCG blood test proves to be accurate among all pregnancy home tests. As exact concentration of HCG in blood is measured any problems during pregnancy can be figured out. They could be used in combination with other tests to understand issues of miscarriage. A doctor is able to interpret results of such tests.

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