How Consumption of Cocaine Impacts the Functioning of Human Heart?

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Cocaine provides a series of cardiovascular impact on the body of a person. It can show up in a variety of forms such as chest pain, increased heart rate and blood pressure in the person. Before you consume cocaine, it is important to understand the damaging side effects of it on the heart of the person.

Inhibits norepinephrine reuptake

Cocaine is a life-threatening drug that hinders the acceptance of norepinephrine in neurons present in the body. Norepinephrine is considered to be an effective neurotransmitter that is present in the nervous system.
When its reuptake gets inhibited, then activity of the nervous system gets prolonged and exaggerated. This exaggerated nervous activity has remarkable effects on the entire cardiovascular system.
It gradually enhances the power of the cardio muscles at the time of contraction. To know more about the side effects of drug addictive substances, you can read about heroin resources in detail.

Increase heart rate and BP

Also, it increases the blood pressure and heart rate in a person. The result of these effects is that it significantly increases the work performed by the heart and the amount of nutrient and oxygen required by the heart for its operation.

Tightens blood capillaries

Cocaine consumption causes your cardiovascular system to indulge in hard work. It causes tightening of the capillaries that lower the flow of blood to your heart muscles. Also, consumption of cocaine results in clotting of blood in the blood vessels.

Stresses cardiovascular system

Cocaine creates an increased requirement of oxygen in the body. Cocaine restricts flow of blood to reach the heart muscles. This restricted oxygen level makes the entire cardiovascular system to get stressed.


So, these are the ways by that cocaine impacts the cardiovascular system. In case of experiencing any of these systems, it is advised to see a doctor.

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