Health Screenings Provide Health and Financial Benefits to Businesses

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Corporate health controls are a growing trend for companies looking for ways to reduce costs and ensure the best quality of their employees' health. By encouraging and supporting the welfare of workers, the likelihood of preventing potential health problems is increasing, which can lead to lower medical costs associated with the treatment of the disease in its late stage.

 The implementation of preventive health programs that include regular medical check-ups, immunizations and education is the first line of defense against health problems and the increase of health care costs for businesses.

Chronic diseases and health conditions can reduce employee productivity and increase absenteeism and presentability, which significantly affects the performance of the company. 

In fact, the Association for Personnel Policies estimates the annual cost of reducing productivity for a company between 87 and 127 billion dollars. The Center for Disease Control indicates that diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol and complications caused by obesity are the diseases that are most frequently found during health exams. 

If left unchecked and untreated, problems arising from these conditions can alter all aspects of an employee's life, including productivity in the workplace.

"Preventive health care is an effective and efficient method to identify and treat possible medical conditions before they can develop or deteriorate," said Dr. Jeffrey Graiff, founder of Flu Busters, an outside provider of preventive health in the field. business care "When a potential health condition is diagnosed in its early stages, it can be easily corrected and can prevent more serious conditions, which will eventually lead to a much healthier patient."

Health benefits for employers

The survey of health benefits for employers, which was identified between 2002 and 2007, increased health insurance premiums for companies approximately five times faster than inflation and four times faster than wage increases. As health insurance premiums continue to rise during the 2008-2009 fiscal year, analysts believe that the costs of health care threaten the financial success of US companies. Companies discover the economic benefits of preventing and detecting employee health problems before they become serious diseases by offering annual health checks at the site that improve and protect the health of current and future employees.

A common impediment for workers to undergo a medical examination and immunization by a primary care physician is that medical services can interrupt an employee's busy day, resulting in a waste of time and energy. Third-party health service providers are gaining popularity in the business world due to their ability to provide services to companies of all sizes. So, how does it work?

Medical exams are available for companies of all sizes and can be provided on-site by a team of experienced medical professionals. Before a comprehensive health screening in singapore, information sheets are provided with recommendations on which checks will be most useful to an employee, according to individual circumstances, such as age, gender and family history. The actual verification takes only a few minutes, and employees receive most of the test results within a few minutes of the actual verification. To resolve any existing or potential health problem that may have been detected during the evaluation, consultation is offered after registering with a registered medical professional, as well as a personalized wellness program online. From the initial selection to the post-selection consultation phase, the selection participants actively participate in the development of solutions that allow them to lead healthier, more productive and satisfying lives.


Even in the face of economic difficulties, companies can still provide high quality medical care to their employees, paying special attention to prevention. Regular medical examinations and vaccinations can detect and prevent illness, which makes workers healthier, receive lower insurance premiums, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Companies that develop a comprehensive recovery plan invest in their employees and, ultimately, in the success of the company.

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