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Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

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It is important to understand that men are more likely to lose their hair than women are, and that is known as male pattern baldness.

However, hair loss and thinning hair are also common in women. Numerous reasons and factors stay behind this idea and can range from temporary and simple, such as vitamin deficiency, to more complex issues such as health condition.

In most cases, there are ways to treat hair loss, but everything depends on the cause. For example, some people use Ketoconazole shampoo for hair loss, while others tend to change their bad habits.


This is another type of physical stress that could cause hair loss, as well as hormones that you will pump during the pregnancy. This particular hair loss is common after you deliverthe baby, and rather during the pregnancy.

If you have in mind that giving birth is traumatic, it will affect your hair strength and other bodily functions too. In case that you experience hair loss after giving birth, you should rest assured, because it will start growing back in the next few months.

It is a common and normal thing, and in most cases, you will notice the difference after a while.Click here to learn more on pregnancy and its effects on hair loss.

Physical Stress

If you had any physical trauma such as car accident, surgery or severe illness, this could cause temporary hair loss. The most common type of hair loss due to some condition is telogen effluvium.
Hair features programmed life cycle. In case that you pass a stressful event, this can affect the hair cycle, which will push more hair into a shedding phase.

Hair loss will become noticeable three to six months after the severe trauma. However, the good news is that hair will start growing back as soon as you recover.

Lack of Protein

If you do not consume enough proteins in your diet, your body will start shutting down hair growth because it will use proteins for other vital purposes. According to American Academy of Dermatology, when you crash dieting without enough proteins, you will notice hair loss in about two to three months after a drop in protein intake.

The best way to avoid this particular problem is to consume food that is great sources of protein such as meat, fish,and eggs. Even if you are vegan, you should consume plant-based proteins on a daily basis.

Vitamin A

If you use too many supplements or eat something that features plenty of vitamin A, this can trigger hair loss. The daily value for this particular vitamin is 5000 IU (international units) for adults. Have in mind that supplementations can contain between 2500 and 10000 IU.

Have in mind that this is the reversible cause, and as soon as you stop taking this particular supplement, your hair will start growing normally.


You probably did not know that females could also experience pattern hair loss called androgen tic alopecia. It is the female version of male pattern baldness. If your mother started to lose hair at a certain age, then you will be more prone to it too.

Unlike men, women will not have a recedinghairline but will have to widen their parts, and their hair will thin after a while. Similar to a man, women can also benefit by using FDA-approved medications such as Rogaine that will help them grow hair or maintain the one you have.

If you want to learn how to treat female pattern baldness, you should visit this link:

Male Pattern Baldness

This is a genetic disorder, and about two out of three main will experience hair loss by the age of 60. This is called male pattern baldness, and it starts due to a combination of male sex hormones and genes. It usually follows a standard pattern in which hair will start to recede at temples.

You can choose topical creams or oral medication, but they will help you only slow down the entire process. However, you will not be able to stop it completely, which is why most people choose hair transplant surgery.

Female Hormones

Similar as pregnancy can cause hair loss due to hormone changes, when you switch on or off birth control pills, it can also cause deluge effluvium. This particular change in hormonal balance may happen in menopause and cause the same results.

The male hormone receptors will activate, and hair follicle will miniaturize so you will start to lose more and more hair. If you notice this particular problem, you should talk with your doctor on birth control pills you consume.

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