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Everything to know about Cissus Quadrangularis

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It is a typical perennial plant having the medicinal properties. The people from Africa and Asia which includes India and many more countries use the extract to treat problems with famine conditions closely related to menopause, irregular periods, libido and for both men and women and for both men or women to cure bone disorders which gives it a famous name as bonesetter. There is a dosage recommendation for the supplement and for every individual physician's advice is necessary.
heals bone fractures

As it is clear that Cissus Quadrangularis is a natural supplement, it is interesting to note that there is a different recommendation for Cissus quadrangularis dosage varying from people to people. Being this a reason that it is required to talk to the doctor before starting the intake of the supplement. After the consultation, you can enjoy the benefits of the extract.

The recommended dosage depends upon age, gender, health status, medical condition and other health factors.

There is a typical form of 500 mg capsules of the supplement. It is recommended to look for proper drug usage which is mentioned on it along with the warnings written. In the case of extreme fractures, the person may take a dosage which is higher than 2000 mg.

It is advised to start with taking a lower dosage, examine the reaction body is showing in response to the extract. With time, increase the dosage.

How can the extract help in bodybuilding?

 There is a craze of working out in the gym in order to increase the muscle mass, weightlifting is one such way to increase muscle mass. With weightlifting, there is a release of anabolic hormones which includes testosterone, growth hormone from the endocrine system. This causes stress on the body, cortisol is released which inhibits synthesis of proteins and degradation of the amino acid is promoted. The extract binds with glucocorticoid receptor and serves as GR antagonist. With this, it prevents binding, reduces the levels promoting muscle building. Hence, Cissus quadrangularis bodybuilding is a great helper. Bone fractures can be cured or at least the pain and swelling can be decreased, improving the healing rate.

The extract provides help to reduce joint pain with promotion to healthy joints. It can increase bone density and improve bone health. Cissus quadrangularis extract helps to reduce inflammation.

Consider the negatives and positive before taking the extract in any form.

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