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Why is an RO AMC Plan Necessary?

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Like your laptop, desktop, and car, your RO water purifier also needs maintenance at a regular interval to get the service smoothly from it. In absence of regular maintenance, you are at risk of major repair or replacement costs down the road. Not only that, the purpose of installing an RO water purifier for getting quality water for you and your family may be frustrated due to compromising the maintenance. Therefore, opting for an RO AMC Plan will not only prevent your costly repair and replacement but also ensures a continuity of supply of pure water to you and your family with an additional discount offer on services and replacement if necessary.

The Importance of RO AMC

Everybody knows that water is one of the most important parts of human life. And drinking water is much more important to the life because it is an integral part of life and inevitable too. It is often seen that water-borne diseases are causing most unfortunate mortality. Therefore drinking water for consumption should be pure and safe for drinking. Once you install an RO water purifier you will lead a headache free life for relying on the quality of water that you and your family are consuming. At the same time, you should assure the longevity of your appliance so that it can continuously supply you the pure water and there lies the importance of an appropriate AMC.

Different types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

If you have recently installed your RO water purifier system, take a look at your contract paper and you will find the free services are yet to be expired. Now, it is time to take a decision on as to what type of AMC on the product is required to be chosen? It depends on the frequency of use of the RO purifier. Below is the type of AMC that helps you to choose your need:

  • Only labour contract
  • Comprehensive labour contract
  • The comprehensive labour contract with spare parts

The major advantages of an RO AMC Plan

  • Assured Services — There is an online contact service opportunity. This enables you to contact whenever you need service. There is a dedicated team who are professionally trained and equipped to figure out the problem. AMC provides service on a regular interval starting from the date contract signed.
  • Convenience —The contact service for maintenance is open for 24X7 round the clock with personalized SMS services wherever you are. The maintenance services are provided 7 days a week at your convenience.
  • Genuine Spare Parts — The RO Purifier Company always provides company approved spare parts wherever change is necessary.
  • Guaranteed Service Satisfaction — The Company guarantees your satisfaction and incase of any failure to fix your appliance for no fault of yours, the company ensures the return of plan money.
  • Savings— By entering into an AMC, you will save your money towards unnecessary high repair cost. During AMC, the Company will supply any operational parts irrespective of cost and set the parts with free labour charge.
  • Up gradation Offers — The Company also offers unbelievable discount and exchange offer of your appliance if you are within the AMC.

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