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Pregnancy: A doorway to womanhood

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Pregnancy and its importance

Pregnancy for every woman fulfills the purpose of womanhood. It is said that on the day when she delivers her child, not only a baby is born butalso a mother is born. And being the mother of a beautiful child is the best feeling ever. In this 21st century, we search for happiness each and every moment. The world is very fast and to keep pace with the fast-moving world we often forget to enjoy ourselves and also sometimes forget our existence and root. For us, today work has become the main priority in our life. A baby helps us to remind our responsibilities and also root with his or her simple gestures. Most importantly each and every movement of the baby, its smile fills us with joy. And this ability to give birth to a sweet little soul is certainly available to the female, not the males. Although males take quite an important role in this phenomena. The process of pregnancy is very much complex and is regarded as the complex of all biological phenomena. A lot of changes along with a lot of functions happen in the body of the woman in this period which is also called the gestational period. Thus we should treat each and every woman in the best possible way as their well-being is very much necessary to have a good and healthy baby.

How does it start?

It all starts with the unison or the fusion of the male and female gamete as it results in the formation of a zygote a single cell which contains both the characteristics of the father and the mother. This zygote takes about 9 long months for the development to form a fully grown baby with functional organs. During this phase, a woman faces a lot of difficulties. The difficulties and the complications are very much different from that of the normal problems faced by every woman in their menstrual time. It is believed that the body preparesitself through multiple changes. A series of chemical changes alter the total physical organization of the woman. The hormones those are secreted previously in a normal amount double up its activity so that the body can cope up in this period. Not only the physical being the mental state of the woman also changes in this phase. They go through a lot of stress and anxiety thinking about the well-being of their baby.

Growth video

In this stressful period, the first ray of happiness comes when they are able to see their pregnancy baby growth video in their gestational phase. The video fills up a mother with utmost joy and probably they will remember it for their lifetime cherishing each and every moment.

How is it visible?

With the help of the ultra-sound technique or commonly called the ultra-sonography or USG the growth video can be seen. And it is completely harmless as the ultra-sound waves do not cause any harm to the baby.

Week by week monitoring

Doctors always suggest checking the baby growth video week by week so that they can properly monitor the condition of the baby and in case any problem appears, to treat also.

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