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Hip Replacement Surgery In India

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Does your hip damage due to chronic arthritis or severe fracture? Does your walking ability even with walking-aid getting more and more painful? You may opt for hip replacement surgery in consultation with your surgeon in a best hip replacement hospital in India.

What are the benefits of hip replacement surgery?

The cartilage that acts as a cushion on the bones of the hip joint eroded due to friction cause severe pain for every weight-bearing step. The socket and ball of the hip joint at the head of the femur are removed and replaced with metal or ceramic ball and ceramic and plastic cup. Hip replacement restores the mobility of the hip and painless movement.

What are the precautions to be taken after the surgery?

The major precautions are to be taken after hip replacement surgery depends on the type of surgery undergone. The surgeon may impose you following movement restrictions during the recovery period to avoid any dislocation of the new hip after the surgery.

·        If you have undergone posterior hip replacement surgery, the following restrictions may be advised by your surgeon during the recovery period:

·        You should not cross your legs
·        Don’t bring close your leg towards the body while putting on socks and shoes
·        Avoid bending the hip more than 90 degrees
·        Don’t sit on the deep cushions
·        Don’t sit on the low seats
·        Don’t pick up any items off the floor while in a sitting position
·        Don’t pull the blankets when you are in the bed

·        If you have undergone anterior hip replacement surgery, the following restrictions may be advised by your surgeon during the recovery period:

·        Don’t bend your body backward
·        Don’t turnout your foot
·        Don’t lie on your belly
·        Don’t extend your leg behind you

As you make progress during the recovery stage, your surgeon will start to relax the restrictions step by step to resume the normal activities.

How long would the artificial hip last?

The artificial hip replacement can last for 10 to 15 years or even more. However, it depends on your body weight and physical activities. Aweighty person or a sports-person wears out the artificial joint much quicker than that of a thin or anordinary person. Not only that the lifespan of the prosthesis depends on the bearing surface chosen. The ceramic bearing surface is the best for its low wearing rate and shows no reaction to the body. The ceramic bearing prosthesis has a longer lifespan 20 to 25 years in majority cases.

Is the hip replacement hospitals in India provides the best treatment?

The major hip replacement surgery hospitals in India provides a large group of surgeons and specialists for the treatment of partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, hip osteotomy, hip fusion, hip resurfacing, resection arthroplasty, hip tendon repair, bone grafting to femur, core decompression, and open hip joint biopsy. Indian hip replacement hospital’s infrastructures are globally acclaimed with the most modern laboratories, cath labs, ICUs, CCUs, E-ICUs, blood bank, bone bank, and pharmacy. The doctors of India also awarded many prestigious honours in the field of hip replacement surgery.

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