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Going for Your First ECG? 5 Important Things You Must Know

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“Are you thinking of getting and ECG and already scared? Read the blog to know from the best cardiologist in Kolkata about ECG. “

Do you know what the most important blessing is that you have in your life? It is that constant beating of your heart that is keeping you alive and going. After all, the heart is the most important part in your body. From pumping blood to maintain the circulation in the whole body, it takes care of a lot of things. So, when you are thinking of keeping yourself healthy, you must know that it is your heart that is responsible for the well being of yours. However, when you experience any kind of discomfort no matter how small it is, it is natural for you to get paranoid.
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To know whether there is anything serious to be concerned with when you are experiencing any discomfort in the chest, it is necessary that you get some tests done. One such important tests are ECG. Electrocardiography or ECG is one of the basic tests that any cardiologist in Kolkata prescribes when the patient is complaining about anything that indicates towards some issue with heart. So, if your doctor has asked for it, don’t worry. Just try and gather information to understand what ECG is all about. This will help you to deal with the initial paranoia. Take a look at the following points to know more.

What is ECG?

ECG is known for interpreting the activities of the heart. When one of the best heart specialists in Kolkata asks you to get it done, don’t worry. All they will do is attaching electrodes on the surface of your skin and monitor the activities of your heart and its activities. The machine records the electrograph that gets displayed on the screen. And once it is done,  you can get it printed on paper. This will help you understand that if there is any abnormality of the heart as it can be contrasted with comparatively in non-invasive process. If you are suffering from shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, irregular heartbeat or chest pain, a top cardiologist in Kolkata will suggest you get the ECG done.

Problems can be Diagnosed

If you are thinking that in any case, the best cardiologist in Kolkata will suggest you get ECG, then it is not true. There is some problem that can be typically diagnosed with this test and only when the doctor seems it to be right, then he will suggest you get the ECG done. The problems that can be detected are,

  • Blocked arteries and damage due to that
  • Abnormality in the heart’s position
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Imbalance in blood chemicals that controls heart and its activity
  • Enlargement
  • Arrhythmia
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Inflammation in heart
  • Cardiac arrest

In all these cases, doctors will suggest you go for ECG which can offer the immediate diagnosis that can help you get faster treatment.

Things to Do Before Test

The biggest and most important thing that you need to take care of is, don’t stress yourself to know about what is going to happen just before the test. You need to relax so that the test doesn’t show any momentary abnormality during the monitoring. If you are thinking of having some food or drink water, then you must know that there is no stringent restriction when it comes to food and water. However, it is safer that you don’t eat just before the ECG. Have food maybe one hour earlier, when you are leaving home.


On one hand, you will get to know if there is any risk involved or not. If it is risky enough, then you will be able to address the issue immediately. On the other hand, if there is any history of heart diseases in your family, you will be able to take care of it by regular checkup and test.

So, now as you have some basic ideas about ECG, don’t get scared when the doctor prescribes it. Instead, calm yourself down and know that you are in good hands of the best cardiologist in Kolkata.

Author Bio: Dr. S Mani is a doctor is one of the best heart specialists in Kolkata, a top cardiologist in Kolkata. Read his blog as he is known to be the best cardiologist in Kolkata.

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