An able recovery from craniotomy surgery

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The duration of recovery time from craniotomy surgery does depend upon the main reason on why you had a surgery in the first place. Most of the patients do experience difficulty in walking, standing or returning back to their normal activities once the surgery is over. In hindsight you do not possess the required strength to recover once the surgery is over. There are many therapies and this includes, physical, occupational along with speech therapy that is provided to the patients so as to restore back the normal function. If there is any form of rehab needed before you are heading home then the doctor would give you instructions on how to go about it.

There is other course of treatments and this includes steroids so as to reduce the swelling of the brain. Coupled with medications to manage the post recovery symptoms are also important. The surgeon is then going to take notice of when you need to be discharged as well. Before you proceed home you need to walk, be able to stand and the wound needs to heal as well.

Craniotomy treatment in India ranks to be among the lowest in the world. This is taking into consideration some quality surgeons who have gone on to lend their expertise in a big way. At the same time they do suggest some tips on how you can recover in your home at fast pace.

·        It is suggested that you gradually increase the levels of activity and this includes walking. Both in the inside or the outside of the home this is encouraged

·        Do not lift heavy weights at the same time. It is suggested that do not commit the mistake of lifting more than 10 pounds unless you are directed by the doctor to do so. Any form of lifting about the head or the waist is a strict no.  The reason being that it might lead to an increase in the process of recovery

·        Take note of the fact that you will be not allowed to drive a car. In this regard specific instructions will be provided by your doctor on when to begin driving. The same policy applies as you cannot even sit and drive in the car as a passenger.

·        At the same time climbing stairs in your home is permitted with a sense of caution
·        In order to resume sexual activity you would need to consult your doctor

·        Do remember that you would need to follow up the treatment procedures as directed by the doctor. This is going to lead to a speedy recovery.

In relation to the care of wound you might wash the wound, but you need to stay away from bath tubs. Do stay away from swimming pools till you are instructed by your doctor. With a series of tapes you can cover the area of incision once it has been directed by your doctor. At the same time do not apply any form of tapes near the areas of incision as well.

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