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Why there are such a lot of superstitious with caul birth?

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It has been found out that 1, out of 80,000 babies have a Caul birth. This does go on to explain the rarity of this phenomenon. So no surprises to the fact that a lot of superstitious or myths surround their occurrence. One thing for sure it would point to the occurrence of something special. It does send alarms as far as a mother is concerned. But for most of the time it is harmless and an inevitable part of the process of birth.

With a birth caul you can confer the fact that an amniotic sac is being attached to the head of your little one. In some cases it also goes by the name of EN caul Birth you will find that the baby is fully in the amniotic sac and this goes on to replicate a filmy and a thin membrane. This does happen to arise when a piece of the sac goes on to detach from the head of a baby and sticks itself to the head of a baby. Most often than not the doctor is going to peel off the tissue without any major concerns. But if it sticks on to the head of the baby it is going to cause a lot of problem for sure. Here you would need to ensure that you do not tear of the skin of the baby.

In most of the cultures if a baby is born with a caul for sure it indicates a symbol of good luck. You can say that it does arise to the rarity of the condition and there are a lot of stories that goes on to float around it. In Rome the midwives went on to sell the calls to the lawyers. They were of the opinion that if they had a caul it would help them to win cases.

In certain cases a caul does bring along with it an essence of good luck. It does make the baby immune from drowning for the rest of their life. But in certain cases it is observed that the immunity is going to last till the moment you are in possession of the caul. There was a famous instance where a boy went on to drown once the mother threw the caul away. As the general feeling was that if you had a caul it would prevent you from drowning for the rest of your life. For this reason you would come across the fact that many families went on to sell the cauls to the sailors for a huge sum of money.

You are going to be really lucky if you have a caul bearer. In fact some may even confer the fact that it is something unnatural. You can say that it would be a part of the process of giving birth. Another trend that is observed is that En caul birth does happen when the baby happens to be premature .

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