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Things Do to in the Leh Ladakh Trip

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The travel seekers around the world can choose the best place for the adventure activity. The trekking is an important activity in the present scenario. You can start the trekking activity in the popular places. You can enjoy the chadar trek in the Zanskar region. You can experience with the hidden thrill and stunning sites in the frozen river. It is the popular trek in the Himalayan region. You can gain the climatic condition details and enjoy the trek.

On the other hand, Leh is the popular place for the scenic beauty. It is blended with the three parallel ranges like Himalaya, and Ladakh. It comprises of the dramatic mountains, landscapes, and others.

You can look at the stunning view of the khardungla pass and shanty stupa. You can access the river rafting as well as cycling in the great terrain. You can just sit at the calm places and see the river flowing and birds chirping.

Places to visit in Leh and chadar trek:
Lamayuru monastery:
It is regarded as the royal and interesting monastery in Ladakh. It is situated 125 kilometers away from the Leh. It is surrounded by the rugged and stunning mountain that covered out of the badland area. You can just shift towards Kargil from Leh with the help of the simple routes. You can discover the snow covered mountain in the region. You must see the place and explore the beauty of it. You can enjoy the leh ladakh trip with the support of the best package. You can get the package that suitable for the budget.

Shanty stupa:
You can see the beautiful and serene stupa on the top of the hill region. The northern part of the Jammu and Kashmir offers the stunning views to the visitors. This one allows the visitors to experience the great moment of the breathtaking view of the mountain. The shanty stupa is enveloped by the beautiful mountains and landscape. It is located at a distance of five kilometers away from the Leh city.  You can wish to discover amidst peace of the mountain and others. it offers the great serenity and exotic views to the travelers.

It is one of the most popular attractions in Zanskar. You can see the mesmerizing view of the Indus and Zanskar River. It is the gateway of the famed all India rafting expedition. It is the best place for the nature and luxury seekers. You can never miss the opportunity to visit nimu during the zanskar chadar trek. You can take pleasure from the rafting from this place. You can monasteries like alchi, likir, and basgo. You can know the ideal time to visit the place.

Drang drung glacier:

You can reach the glacier by road. It is located on to the Zanskar valley. It is the biggest glacier that easily accessible by the visitors. You can see the natural things such as an amazing glacier, mountain ranges, fruit orchids and others. You can access the beauty and essence of the glacier.

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