Cerebral Palsy and Stem cells

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Cerebral Palsy and Nerves

Nerves and neurons are behind the every possible activity of the human body. They are very much a part in regular and are most effective in the coordination of the body. The site of the coordination of the body is the brain, the master organ that control the body totally. And thus as of its function, brain along with the scull is one of the heaviest part of the human body. Nerve cells and the neurons are structural and the functional unit of the human nervous system. The nervous system consists of thousands of bundles of nerve those are present in extensive parts of the body. They work by transmitting the electric impulse from one end of the nerve fiber that gets it sink to the other end of the nerve fiber. It is totally an electrical network that get operated through the nerve fiber. And it occurs with the help of the neurons that together makes a nerve fiber. The human body can be susceptible to many diseases. Nervous breakdown and nervous disorder is one of the most common problem that happens in the human being. It can happen at any age. Cerebral Palsy is the problem of the neurons and the nerves that affects the bodily movement. It is mostly seen in the child.

Stem Cells

Among different kinds of cells present in the human body. Stem cells are of one of a kind. They are totally exclusive in their own sense and also function. The stem cells have the enormous power and capacity to grow. The stem cells can also be differentiated in to different kind of the cells that makes a human body functional. Stem cells are mainly found in the regions of the body like the bone marrow, the blood cells and also the umbilical cord. They are formed around the lining of the blastocyst called as the embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are also found. They are specific to a particular tissue that is when it will differentiate it will produce mainly one kind of tissue. However recently it seen that the stem cells are the topic of research due to its immense potency towards cell growth and cell differentiation. It is seen that the stem cells can give birth to a multi-organ cellular body. Which made the scientist interested. Although complete information about the stem cells are yet not known. However the adult stem cells are used in the medical condition either exclusively or with any specific type of treatment. And the results are fair enough in many cases.

The problem of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy occurs mainly due to the problem in the Cerebrum. This cerebrum plays an important role in the coordination of the muscle and also the memory of the human body.

The Solution of Cerebral Palsy

Neural stem cells are present in the human nerves. These are very much potent in differentiating in to respective cell type. These property of it can be used in a very much effective way in treating different nerve related of the body.

Utility of stem cells

Recently Cerebral Palsy treatment with Stem cells therapy in India has started. The results are very much positive. However researches are left very much to do far better with the treatment.

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