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4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Bidet

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Have you ever been to an all around the world trip? Chances are you might have seen bidets countless of times and wondered what they are. A fantastic alternative to toilet papers, bidets have proven itself numerous times and has been an excellent experience for owners alike.

Once you try this bathroom luxury appliance, you’ll never want to live without it. If you’re reading this article, you may be trying to find more information on bidets and is unsure whether you should buy one. That’s where we come in, from a Brondell Swash to a bidet with advanced features, here are some reasons why you should get a bidet toilet seat.


Wiping is a duty that you should deal with. But to be honest. Nobody wants to deal with that every day. Going down and cleaning yourself is an obligation that has been programmed on us because we are so used to toilet papers, so we already do not mind.

Buying a bidet toilet will give you a luxury you did not know you needed. Experiencing how a bidet toilet works and does its magic on you will be life-changing.

Better Clean

Wiping is a tedious job. Wipe once, twice, three times. It does not stop. Tissues clean you up by pressing the feces on your buttocks until there is none. Thinking about it, It's gross, right? Yes, it is, using a bidet will give you a better clean, instead of smudging the feces until there is none. The bidet will clean you by precisely splashing down the excrement and giving you a more reliable clean.

Going green

A bidet toilet does not only help you get a better experience in the bathroom. It also cuts down on costs and saves a tree. Toilet paper uses about a hundred thousand trees a week. These numbers grow, but replacements do not. We affect nature by using trees as a means to wipe ourselves with. Getting a bidet toilet cuts costs, uses waters and soap to clean you and provides a far better experience than cleaning using a toilet paper. It also helps a lot when you have disabilities and problems moving your muscles.

Level up

Did you know that toilet paper has been the “go to” for a hundred years?  No other alternate came close to changing then until now. From computers with only 300mb memory to computers that can store a million movies, from dial phones to mobile phones. The world has seen changes in all aspects of how we live. Except for the toilet. We are watching HD movies while we still clean ourselves with a thin sheet of paper hoping your feces don’t touch your hands.

Investing in a bidet will be the best financial step you could take. It will make your life easier, more productive and of course better.  We have seen some incredible technological advances that leave us in awe. It is time for you to let you feel that from a different angle.

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