Should I Get an Orthodontic Treatment for My Overjet Condition?

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A healthy and correct bite makes our faces symmetrical and attractive. On the contrary, teeth misalignment can not only undermine your appearance but cause a great deal of other issues as well.

One of the common types of bite disorder is overjet. Fortunately, this dental condition can be fixed by applying correct orthodontic treatment. Moreover, such treatment effectively works for both adults and children.

What is overjet?

Overjet is a dental condition in which there is a significant horizontal distance between upper front teeth and lower front teeth. This means that either the upper teeth have overdeveloped or the lower ones have underdeveloped. In any case, their size is drastically different and disproportionate. This is not only a case for concern from an aesthetic point of view but also violates many important processes in the oral cavity and digestive system.

This is how exactly overjet manifests itself:

  •        the load while chewing is not distributed correctly which results in caries on the back teeth;
  •        the shape of the face reminds a baby face;
  •        the chin is disproportionately small and the upper jaw protrudes outward significantly;
  •        irregular breathing process;
  •        having difficulty swallowing;
  •        speech defects;
  •        development of dental problems (caries, periodontitis, etc.).

What are the consequences of overjet?

As well as the above issues, overjet may cause some serious implications:

  •        aesthetic and morphological deviations. The person looks less attractive and dental defects in appearance can be inherited by his or her children;
  •        improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Bite disorder can complicate basic processes such as chewing or swallowing which may entail a chain of changes in the digestive system;
  •        increased risk of dental problems. People with bite disorder find themselves in need of a dental care much more often, particularly with caries or periodontal disease.
  •        the jaw becomes less mobile and causes joint pain (it is felt especially acutely in the areas closer to the temples).

Treating overjet

Today, overjet is not a cause for despair. It can be effectively fixed with orthodontic systems. More info can be found here:

Braces are usually the most effective treatment for overjet. Whether you opt in for metal, ceramic, sapphire, lingual or Invisalign braces, you will be able to get the results you want. Take action right away and book a consultation with your orthodontist!

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